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Based upon my travels to multiple NFL stadiums attending NFL games throughout the football season, I've been asked by many where I get my NFL tickets. Or more specifically how do I get cheap NFL tickets?  Well, in attending over on-hundred games in stadiums across the country over the last eight years, you get rather adept at identifying NFL ticket sources and more specifically locating the places where you can get cheap NFL tickets.

I've been most successful buying tickets through TicketCity, StubHub, Razor Gator, VividSeats or TicketNetwork and I've set up a system of links on each stadium page that allows the user to quickly check and compare prices between the these online ticket brokers to see who has the best deal. If you are looking for cheap NFL tickets, I would suggest following one of the links below to the NFL tickets links on my site. Compare the prices and feel free to buy NFL Tickets online.  I only work with Trusted Brokers.


Cheap NFL Ticket Links

NFL Ticket Coupon/Offer Codes are the Key

Before clicking through the Cheap NFL Ticket links above to find tickets for your favorite NFL team, make a note of the following coupon codes available for the online brokers listed below, which will help save some money off your final order.   Some of the coupon codes may not work (due to the expiration date), but you'll know before final checkout.  I've been working with the online brokers listed on my site for seven years and they've provided the following coupon codes for my customers.  Use them for instant savings:

  •  QUEST5OFF (5% off orders of $150 or more)
  •  ORDR20RG ($20 off orders of $250 or more)
    ($25 off orders of $300 or more)
                                  ORDR30RG ($30 off orders of $400 or more)
                                  ORDR40RG ($40 off orders of $500 or more)
                                  ORDR50RG ($50 off orders of $750 or more)
  • NFL1 ($10 off $100 spent on NFL tickets)


How to Compare NFL Ticket Prices
As you compare NFL ticket prices, it is important to consider the price that tickets are being sold for at the stadium box office as well as their location on an NFL stadium seating map. You want to make sure that quoted prices are within reason and that you're comparing apples to apples with regard to the location of your seats within the stadium. For each of the NFL Ticket purchase areas on, I've listed the "face value" price for all seating areas as listed by the stadium box office. This will be useful to ensure that if you purchase NFL tickets from an online ticket broker or a scalper on the street, that you're getting reasonable value for your money. It is also extremely important to note the date and time printed on the tickets, as well as whether or not the tickets are subject to the NFL's new flexible scheduling program. If flex-scheduling is invoked, the NFL reserves the right to move any of their Sunday afternoon games into the Sunday night primetime slot to ensure the best matchup of the week. Games eligible for flexible scheduling, which usually begins in the second half of the season, are listed with an 8:15PM kickoff. So be aware in case you should think about expanding your travel schedule to accommodate a last minute change. Check out all the online ticket brokers, I've listed on my site in order to get the best price.  Be aware of any additional fees that these brokers may charge to process the sale as your ticket price may increase when you make the purchase. There's unfortunately no way around them.

How to Purchase NFL Tickets
The best place to start is by checking out my links for cheap NFL tickets for the team you are interested in seeing. I've also posted the 2013 NFL schedule for each team if you need assistance locating the game you want to see. Within each section, I've also listed links to each of my favorite online brokers, allowing you to compare pricing between each broker. Many online ticket brokers will add additional delivery charges or service fees on top of the ticket price, so be aware that these fees are generally unavoidable. Ticketmaster is notorious for requiring that you buy the tickets before displaying what the associated fees will be, leaving buyers less than pleased with the final purchase price of their NFL tickets for sale.  They generally show the face value price for each ticket listing, but really hose you on service fees. Other online brokers will allow you to see these fees at the time of purchase. Once you've selected the best deal, ensure that your seats are located in the area you'd like to sit in and take note of the date and time of the game. Buy NFL tickets cheap and enjoy.

NFL Ticket Exchange
In an attempt to undercut the power of gameday scalpers, the NFL has signed a multi-year agreement with TicketMaster to setup a league-endorsed NFL ticket exchange allowing season ticket holders to sell their tickets online.  Typically the NFL has barred all secondary ticket sales as a league wide policy, but this new venture with TicketMaster just shows the power of the internet.  For years, season ticket holders have been able to sell their tickets over face value at sites like or participate in fan-to-fan ticket exchanges through the world wide web.  It appears that the NFL wants it's cut of that as well which is good news for us fans.  The NFL Ticket Exchange through TicketMaster will allow fans another avenue to buy of sell tickets, but beware as TicketMaster has a habit of tacking on additional fees for all sorts of things when you buy ticket services through them.

Other Options...
Another option you might try if you're desperate to find NFL tickets cheap  the day of the event is to look toward one of your local gameday entrepreneurs. Some call them "scalpers", but they're usually the gentlemen holding the signs the say "I Need Tickets". I've always found that even if the game is sold out weeks in advance, even if it's Monday Night Football or a major rivalry is in town, there are still NFL tickets available right up through and after kickoff. I've dropped into NFL cities the day of the game and showed up to the game without a ticket in hand many times, and always found a good deal on NFL tickets.  My final suggestion is to go over to the ticket office on gameday. I've found that sometimes you still buy tickets right from the box office.  The other reason you might hang out is because if someone has extra tickets their looking to get rid of, they may try to pull you out of the line to buy their tickets. That's happened to me a couple of times.

One thing I've seriously considered is setting up an NFL Ticket Exchange forum that would allow fans to identify ticket sellers or allow ticket sellers to identify potential ticket buyers. I'd also like to include discussions on NFL tailgating including where the best places are to tailgate and suggestions on the best NFL tailgating gear. We could setup a tailgating recipe exchange, suggestions on the best local bars, restaurants, and hot spots. It would be a forum dedicated to the NFL designed to enhance the fan experience in NFL cities.


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