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Tailgating Checklist


  Planning that upcoming tailgate can be an overwhelming challenge as you make sure there's enough food to feed the legions of NFL fans that will accompany you and the folks that decide to drop by when they find out you're headed to the stadium on Sunday morning.   Planning ahead for extra people can indeed be a challenge unto itself, but we usually try to have plenty of liquid refreshments on hand to satisfy the stragglers.  Each year, my family gathers in sleepy, out of the way, Orchard Park, NY to take in a Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  Since 1995, we've been tailgating in the parking lots generally setting up shop in the RV lot to take advantage of the early start time.  Our Family weekend retreat kicks of on Saturday, so our supply of rations has to take us through several meals, but from our Tailgating checklist below, I'm sure you can formulate a list that suits your own individual requirements.

Use the list below as a guideline to assist you in your tailgating preparations.  I've tried to break up everything in reasonable categories, providing most football fans with a basic plan upon which to begin that necessary evil, the shopping list.  Good Luck!


Porterhouse steaks
Roast for carved roast beef
Turkey Breast, meat thermometer
Tuna Steaks – Wasabi, Pickled ginger, Soy sauce
Sahlen’s hot dogs, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage
Hamburgers – Beef, Turkey, Veggie


Hot dog / Hamburger rolls
Hard rolls for eggs in the morning
Kimmelweck rolls for the roast beast - horseradish
Fat free turkey gravy & real turkey gravy
Stuffing – premake before the game, heat up there
Canned Cranberry sauce
Ketchup, mustard, relish
Nance’s mustard, barbecue sauce
Black Pepper
Chili sauce for dogs – canned Hormel chili
Disposable aluminum pan to heat up chili
Tomatoes, onions, and cheese for burgers

Grilled Vegetables & Sides
Green, red & yellow bell peppers
Large Vidalia onion
Zucchini (yellow & green)
Portabella mushrooms
Fresh garlic & some soy sauce
Small bottle of Wishbone Zesty Italian dressing
Grilling pan – steel barbecue pan
Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Sweet potatoes
Acorn Squash


Liquid Refreshments
(1) Keg of Labbatt’s Blue
Pepsi or Coke (2) 2-Liters
Orange pop (2) 2-Liters
Diet Decaf Coke (2) 2-Liters
Bottled Water
(2) four packs of Old Fashioned Rootbeer
½ gallon of ice cream (root beer floats)
Several bags of ice

Potato chips and dip
Tortilla chips and salsa
chocolate chip cookies
Peanut M&M’s

Eggs / egg beaters
Fat free cinnamon rolls
Orange Juice

Paper towels, napkins, garbage bags
Plates, bowls, cups, plastic utensils
Big Cups for Beer & sharpie marker
Dish soap, Chlorox cleanup wipes, Hand sanitizer
Grill, Charcoal, Wood burning fireplace and wood
Matches, Lighter, Can Opener, Bottle opener, Corkscrew
Frying pan, Sauce pan, Aluminum foil
Barbecue Mitts
Barbecue utensils, tongs, large spoon, steak knives
Extension cord, Extra AA and AAA batteries
Binoculars, Portable TV and radio
Digital Camera, Camcorder
Chairs, football
Sun block, rain gear



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