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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Subscription







  My involvement in fantasy football predates its explosion on the internet. Back when we started playing fantasy football, there was no Yahoo sports (at least not a Yahoo Fantasy Sports), there were no online fantasy football leagues, there were no real time statistics. Fantasy football was this thing that the geeks did, like Dungeons and Dragons or building model rockets. Most people didn't even know what you were talking about when you told them you were going to a Fantasy Draft. It's actually been rather satisfying to watch fantasy football balloon into the multi-million dollar industry that it's become in recent years.

Back when I started, we pulled stats out of the USA Today (the Sunday and Monday morning issues), we calculated our fantasy points by hand, and we made our pickups and drops by being the first to place a phone call to our commissioner when the clock on his microwave read 7:00pm. Crude by today's standards?  Yes, but by cutting my teeth in fantasy football's infancy, and playing multiple leagues every year over the last decade and a half, I've developed a highly effective fantasy football draft system that is second to none. I've always made my own fantasy football cheat sheets, it's like breathing to me. Sure you can pull a fantasy football cheatsheet out of a magazine or download one off the internet, but magazines are outdated and the internet guys never know what the hell they're doing (except for me, of course). These fantasy football cheatsheets don't always account for preseason injuries or trades or lineup changes based on performance. Pinning your fantasy football championship hopes on a cheatsheet you've pulled out of a magazine is suicide.

When did you start offering Premium Fantasy Football
Cheatsheets on the web?

I began offering my fantasy football cheat sheets on the internet six years ago. It began with a small following of dedicated folks that watched me win championships in their leagues, and as the years go by, sales of the cheatsheets seemed to grow exponentially. The advantage you have in buying my fantasy football cheatsheet is that you're not just buying a single document when you purchase my system, purchasing my system guarantees that you'll receive periodic updates throughout the NFL preseason.  As I'm watching preseason games and monitoring offseason NFL team activity, I'm constantly incorporating those results into the cheat sheets. These periodic updates aree sent directly to you through the e-mail address you use to DONATE to the cause through Paypal and the updates will continue right up through the start of the NFL Regular season.  These days, now that I'm offering the systems FOR FREE, you can get the cheatsheets on my website and if you want the updates simply make a DONATION. 

What makes your Fantasy Football Draft System unique?
There's nothing more annoying that having to flip through multiple pages of player names, trying to figure out who's available, while you're on the clock and people are waiting for you to make your pick. My fantasy football draft system consists of two complete one-page cheatsheets the Overall Player Ranking Cheat Sheet and Team Depth Chart Cheat sheet. My Overall Player Ranking Cheatsheet lists all of the NFL offensive starters broken down by position and listed in order of an overall player ranking.  I determine the current year player ranking based on the prior year's performance, coupled with changes in the team's offseason roster and coaching staff that will affect their stats during the upcoming Fantasy Football season. Similarly, my Team Depth Chart Cheatsheet lists each NFL team's starters at each position. By using both cheat sheets, you can track the overall player ranking on a single sheet as guys come off the board and in the later rounds as other managers are scrambling to pickup backups, you'll have them listed on your Team Depth Chart. I'm also an engineer by trade, and I like statistics and numerical evidence to help me make my decisions during the draft. As a result, I've included a full statistical breakdown of the previous year's stats for each player on my Overall Player Ranking Cheat Sheet.  When I'm onthe clock, as I scan my cheatsheet to come up with my next pick, I can use statistics to help me decided between two similar players or players of different positions. Finally, I am constantly updating my Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets. As player movement occurs or players are lost due to injury, their ranks slide accordingly on my premium cheatsheets and  new revisions are sent  to everyone who has purchased my Premium Cheat Sheets. My years of experience, coupled with my love of statistics and the game itself have come together to create the Ultimate Fantasy Football Cheatsheet System available on the world wide web.

Can I see a Sample?
Click on the images at the right for SAMPLE Premium Fantasy Football cheatsheets.
If you've purchased my PREMIUM Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, let me know what you thought about them.  Do you have any suggestions for improvements?  How did they work out?  How did you do in your Fantasy Football League?
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"This cheat sheet rocks the blacktop!
I used to buy all the mags and then
I'd have to be online for days before
my draft, trying to make sure I had
all the latest updates. This Cheat
 Sheet does everything for me!
- Jay the Tailgate Guy
From Ken in Robinson   This cheat sheet rocks. It gave me all the information that I usually have to spread out over several pages. I didn't make the playoffs this year though. I did however have the second highest point total from my starting fantasy team in the entire league for the entire season. It was just one of those years with 6 games of getting the second highest score in the league while playing against the guy that had the highest score. I WILL USE your cheat sheet again. I think it is right on the money and hope to see it this year.
From Paul, city unknown   This will be my 3rd year using your cheat sheets -- best on the web, better than any magazines! Thanks for keeping this up!
From Dan in Toledo, OH   I just wanted to say thanks for the timely updates, not only did I not make any rookie mistakes in my first live draft, I am currently 2-0 in my league and scored a ridiculous 160 points last week. I would definitely recommend FF Mainfesto for anyone who wants to dominate their fantasy draft and league. Thanks again!!
From Mike in Roseville, MI   Awesome job. I used your cheetsheets again this year and got 1st, 2nd, and 4th in my 3 leagues.  Incredible little tool you guys are putting together here.
From: Doug in KC   I've used your cheat sheet for 2 years now. Last year I won my money league as a 2nd-year rookie and claimed a $475 prize and the coveted roaming trophy. Thanks for your insightful sheet and thank you Ray Rice!
From: Lucas in Chicago, IL
  After three frustrating years of finishing in my league's top 3 without winning the coveted title, I subscribed to the Quest for 31 Premium Cheat sheets and had a fantastic draft that carried me to the my first TITLE.
From: Ed Garcia
in Moreno Valley, CA
  I used these Cheat Sheets for the first time last season. I not only looked like a pro, I won the league and have the trophy to prove it! I'll be back!

G-String Divas
Hemet Fantasy Football League

From: Pedro Oliva   Your cheat sheet was exactly what I needed…Hope you have one next year…. I am the forth seed in the playoffs…… I still use it from time to time to look back when I make trades…‬
From: PConti   im in 2 12 man leagues...made playoffs in both finished 1st with most points in one and got 2nd in division in other...sheets were a HUGE help..
From: Sheri Newkirk in Oceanside, CA   I used your cheatsheets for my $100, 14 team league this year! What a GREAT help they were!!! I've been playing Fantasy Football since 1996 (before I had a computer and had to call in my trades), and this is the first year I've used these cheatsheets. Boy did they help! I only had one list to go off of (instead of 3 lists for each position and a bye week schedule)and I looked like a pro! Usually we only have 12 teams so this was even more help drafting in a 14 team league.

Now its playoff time and I'M IN! WOO-HOO! I'm 3rd seed and plan on winning and bringing home the BIG BUCKS!!
From: James in springfield, nj   I am in a 10 team league. I made the playoffs finishing in the 6th spot. I just had bad luck all season. I was 2nd highest in scoring overall but, I lost 3 games be less that 2 points each. I would have a great day but, my opponent always had the guy who had the best week. I played against Brees and he had 55 points, chris johnson 50 pts etc. Either way this was a great tool and I will use it again next year. Thanks again and happy holidays to all
From: JR in Lake Wylie   Oh yeah I am in the playoffs! As a matter of fact I am the top seed in our league (hope I don't blow it). I went from last place in my league last year (didn't use your cheatsheets) to first this year. Not to shabby. Thanks.
From: Mark Ciemcioch in Tonawanda   I did pretty well in my league, ending up with a 7-5 record and fourth seed in the playoffs, which started last week. I ended up getting eliminated in the first round though, as my starting QB (Matt Ryan, no big loss) and top RB (DeAngelo Williams, BIG FUCKING LOSS) were down that week. I lost Owen Daniels (another big fucking loss) a few weeks back. But for a while there, I was rolling with I think four or five top two position players.
From: Anthony Porcarello   Made the playoffs and playing this week for my second superbowl appearance in two straight years using your cheat sheet.  Thanks.
From: Doug Thompson in Kansas City, MO   I'm in a $100 league of 10 and a family league of 12. Steve Slaton was my big bust but Ray Rice proved quite strong. I'm 2nd in Fantasy Points and assured a playoff spot in the money league. Definitely feeling the cheatsheet after my 2nd year using it & prob my best FF season. Thanks!
From Jay from Orange County, CA
  This is the second time I've used my little Fantasy Football secret. Last year I placed 1st and 3rd thanks to Hans's awesome cheat sheet. Well worth the money, unless you don't like to win!
From: A Drumm in Taylor, MI   This is the second year I used your cheatsheets and I think they are great. The best part about them is that they are easy to use following the color coordinations. As others were flipping through pages, scurrying to find a pick. I knew exactly who I was picking instantly. I am currently in 2nd place, in the playoffs, in a 10 man $200 league. Also, I am 2nd place in a 8 man $25 league, in the playoffs.

Honestly, the first 4 rounds its a no brainer who to pick up. After that though, the combination of the cheatsheet and the detailed depth chart allowed me to pick up some studs that I may not have seen otherwise.

From: Nathan in Seattle   I took first place for the season and have been there all year! Hopefully I will take the whole thing! Thanks for the great picks!  I will definitely be subscribing again next year!
From: Steve Foust in Warren, MI   I have 2 100 dollar leagues going, one is 10 person and the other 12. In both leagues I have the most points and winning my division. Cheat sheet came through bigtime, I am very busy at work and don't have a ton of time to prep so I am very thankful for these sheets.
From: Beth in San Diego, CA   Wow that cheat sheet was awesome for my FF Draft! It really made me look like i knew what i was doing...thanks! We will definitely buy again next year.
From: JC Lambaria in Flint, MI   I’ve been playing fantasy football for nearly 20 years. I can honestly say these cheat sheets are best $5.00 I spend each season. They're clean, laid out in a logical format and color coded by position. The best thing about Hans’ sheets is that they give you the ability to make smart picks deep in the draft. I guarantee you’ll feel prepared, organized and relaxed instead of being one of those guys crying “I need more time.” Thanks Hans!
From: Scott Donohew in Wheeling   Awesome! i try every year to find this information located in one place.   i am usually successful in fantasy football but, this will definitley help even  more. a few things i would like to see is an email notification next year to re-subscribe and the availability to print it out with bigger font. Great job keep up the good work.
From: Anthony in Houston   I purchased your cheat sheet for the first time last year in 2008. I've been playing fantasy football serious for last 7 or 8 years and always lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. Usually am in two or three different leagues. Well this past year after purchasing your cheat sheet I went to the Super Bowl in both of my leagues and won it in one of them. Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to buying it again this year. You can't beat it for only $5.00.
From: Jason in Rochester   Finally, someone who's willing to put their name behind a Fantasy Football cheatsheet that isn't identical to every other website out there! I love the game, but find it completely tedious that every site feels the need to mimic what the others are saying for fear of being wrong. My impression is that they'd all rather be wrong together than to give your honest opinions and then measure themselves accordingly.

Well, The Quest apparently has no fear. These are the first sheets I've found that don't get caught up in the status quo. Not only that, they're also really good. I've found several gems in these sheets from someone who clearly knows and loves football and can adapt that knowledge to Fantasy.

Also, most sites and sheets get too caught up in the first couple rounds of the draft. The Quest's sheets don't get bogged down and lose focus. Everyone knows what they want to do in rounds one and two. The Quest makes it clear what you need to do when the decisions get really tough. They are well organized and easy to use. It's definitely money well spent.
From: Tony J. in Oakland County   I've been a FF football player for some time now. I've tried a number of the pay services and can honestly say that the Quest cheat sheets are right on par if not a bit above.

The thing I like the best is that they are continuously updated. The simple format and color coding make them simple to read when under the pressure of a draft. They didn't quite get me to the championship victory but they helped me to the game.

Oh & did I mention the $5.00 price tag? Good job guys. Keep up the good work.
From: Chaz Rush   i found your cheat sheets to be very helpful and also liked your updates they helped out alot. thank you will use your service again. as far as my team.  i did great.
From: Marion in Detroit   His cheat sheets are great info, been using them for several years now. I believe he does great research on players to find out who should have a break out year. I feel this way because I used his cheat sheet to pick Larry Johnson before his breakout season and rode him to the superbowl (which i lost anyway), but that was my rookie year so i was happy anyway. His sheets are easy to understand, like I said I was a rookie, and very in depth.
From: Nick in San Antonio, TX   Hans, great system, you do the work, I get the reward.  Over the last few years you've become my goto spot for Fantasy Draft prep.  I just go into the draft with your cheat sheets and they've always produced a great fantasy squad.  I really appreciate the constant updates throughout the preseason that keep the sheets current.
From: Doug, "Fantasy Commish"   Hans, Thank you for your 2008 NFL Draft Cheatsheets. This allowed me to combine your latest information with other historic player analysis and have a great live draft. Were it not for the unexpected loss of Tom Brady, I'm sure I'd be undefeated today. I'll be coming back next
From: Nancy Taylor in Albany, NY   These football cheat sheets have taken me to the fantasy football playoffs each year and helped me win a championship in 08!! They're great!  Definitely recommend the purchase!
From: Kenny Sansone from Lancaster, NY   Without the premium Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, my fantasy team was toiled in the basement of my league every year. After using the sheets, my team took off!  Having them updated so frequently is a HUGE benefit. Thanks the the sheets, I'm polishing my league trophy as we speak!
From: Joel Schmidt in Ann Arbor, MI   I purchased a cheat-sheet from this website 3 years ago.  It was clear & easy to read, easy on my checkbook, and effective. I came in first in my league that year.  Needless to say, I purchased another cheat-sheet this past year. I didn't come in 1st, but my team was highly competitive and my draft-day was as stress-free as a draft day can be. I would recommend buying one of these cheat-sheets to any fantasy player who's looking to save time on research, and money, as other websites are selling cheat-sheets for much more $$. Looking forward to another great year!

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