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About Me

  I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY; in a region of the country where football reigns supreme. The western New York area is composed of practical, down to earth, hardworking folks; and I believe a lot of those values have stayed with me throughout my life. Sundays are consumed by Buffalo Bills Football, as the entire city and surrounding suburbs become a ghost town when the Bills are on TV. It's like the world stops, as families huddle together around their televisions for three and a half hours, while others head out to Ralph Wilson Stadium, braving the weather, to support our football team in person. Buffalo Bills tailgating always ranks among the best in the league, as our harsh outdoor wintry weather with its swirling winds and lake effect snow make for many magical moments on the blacktop that surrounds our stadium. Fan ingenuity is always on display at Ralph Wilson Stadium as makeshift kitchens and temporary tent communities spring up in the parking lot on gameday. This is the environment that shaped my love of the game of football and made me who I am today.

In the late nineties I attended GMI Engineering and Management Institute in Flint, MI, where I became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, I returned to western New York to work at the GM Powertrain plant in Tonawanda, NY, the largest engine assembly plant within the Powertrain Division at General Motors.  Working as a controls engineer, I routinely programmed and installed machining and assembly equipment, adjusting parameters, troubleshooting manufacturing issues, and reprogramming robot technology.  In 2000, I was given the opportunity to work for a government contractor in Detroit, MI, designing and building military Prototypes for the US Army and the Special Operations Community.  As an electrical engineer I designed, built, and installed the electronics systems that were integrated into the SmarTruck line of US Army prototypes that was being developed by our company. Eventually I grew into a program management role, helming the technology assessment, design, and government contracting responsibilities, but I maintain my electrical engineering duties throughout the vehicle prototyping programs we are involved in. I remain well connected within the Motor City niche market of vehicle prototyping and enjoy the hands-on aspects of my job. Currently working on a tubular frame, six-wheeled, severe off-road vehicle for the Special Ops guys, I also work with our alternative energy group testing synthetic fuels with the US Air Force in an effort to find a way to break our dependency on foreign oil.

A hands-on tinkerer by nature, I enjoy wood working projects, custom electronics, and classic car restoration.  I've always been big on filling my time with all types of projects.  Whether I'm building furniture for the football room, designing the ultimate in Kitty condos, or tinkering with my 1979 Triumph Spitfire, I'm always very busy.  I think I've always been fairly inquisitive as I find myself constantly looking for new challenges.  I recently took on web design as my latest hobby and have thoroughly enjoyed creating and building this and the many other websites I've initiated.  I recently got into playing over 30, men's soccer, as I've discovered that I have a cholesterol issue that needs active management.  I'm a big time movie buff and television watcher.  I guess you could say it's an addiction of mine.  I dress up in costume for Stars Wars and Batman movie premieres and I've even attended the UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico.   My wife and kids are also a big part of my life and continue to join me on Quest trips around the country.  The Quest for 31 has grown out of my love for the game of football and my interest in understanding the many facets of the game outside of the game.  It is my hope that through my journey, I inspire others to begin an NFL trek of their own.  If you're interested in contacting me fee free to e-mail the site at info[at]nflfootballstadiums[dot]com.


Hans Steiniger


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