Stadium #24
LP Field
Nashville, TN
St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans Stadium
December 13, 2009
7 - 47  Win

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  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1999
Capacity: 68,798
Playing Surface: Natural Grass
Draft Beer: $7.00
Hot Dog: $4.00 
Stadium Parking: $20.00
Ford Field
Stadium Address

One Titans Way
Nashville,TN 37213
() -
Get Directions
Stadium Re
view - The Batman Returns
Nashville, Tennessee is one of the more exciting locales in the country to plan an eventful NFL weekend getaway.  With a thriving nightlife centered around live music, exceptional cuisine, and that unique brand of southern hospitality, guests to the Music City have a plethora of entertainment options at their disposal over the course of any given weekend.  Add to that the fact that the home franchise, the vaunted Tennessee Titans, is becoming a dangerous player in the quest for the AFC title crown each year, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable weekend retreat including some great NFL football.

My visit to Nashville began with a ten hour road trip from Detroit, Michigan departing at 5:00am on Saturday morning.  Loading up the Quest Machine with my patented Quest for 31 essentials  (the Quest flag, some beer, my Buffalo Bills Gnome), I was excited by the prospect of great southern cooking and some of the best live country and blues music you'll find anywhere.  Arriving just in time for an early supper, we headed directly to the downtown area to BB King's Blues Club and Restaurant, for some great eats and exceptional live blues music.  Nashville is just one of those towns that’s most conducive to bar hopping by design. The downtown area is filled with legendary country music bars and exceptional bistros, breweries, and restaurants.  Visitors will find that their best plan of attack is to pop in on each, one at a time, until you find something you like.  I've actually spent several nights hopping from bar to bar, grabbing a drink in each one, while listening to some high quality bands playing a variety of of music from rock to country to blues.  The folks are friendly, the beer always goes down great, and the evening always ends on a positive note with a full belly and a buzz.  The truly nice thing about most hotels in the area is that they generally offer a free shuttle ride to the downtown area for hotel guests who want to explore the bar district.  Furthermore, if you happen miss the last shuttle of the night, a cab ride back to your hotel will run you less than $10.00.  So there's really no reason, to go through the hassle of driving downtown to find parking.  It's much more convenient just to get a ride.

Closing in on the end of my thirty-one stadium journey, the season seemed incomplete without a return visit to the best tailgate in the National Football League, hosted by Under the watchful eye of Wayne Vandevort, the Bruce Wayne of Tailgating (see my previous review), and Lady Titan, his partner in crime, the tailgating scene in and around Titan Country has been irrevocably impacted by their game day efforts. Hauling in a custom trailer outfitted with deep fryers, barbecue grills, stainless steel preparatory surfaces, and a well placed beer tap, these folks fix a game day meal that's second to none and much more extravagant than this humble Questor deserves. Wayne’s tailgate preparations actually begin on Friday evening, starting with a trip to the nearest grocer to fill a gameday menu that typically feeds over a hundred people.  Throughout the day on Saturday, Wayne and his crew are holed up in the Bat Cave, an unassuming looking iso-container outfitted like the kitchen of a master chef.  With power, water, and enough stainless steel implements to cook for an army, these folks toil into the night preparing an impressive feast in advance minimizing any required gameday cooking.   At the end of the night, the team retires until Sunday morning when they reconvene to outfit their Batmobile with tailgate gear and the day’s meal.  Arriving at the lot, popup tents are erected, the deep fryer fires up, and the rolling cart food service bins are wheeled into place.   When preparations are complete, this tailgate party looks more like a parking lot wedding reception than a blacktop barbecue.  With its buffet line, multi-course menu, and high quality array of your liquid refreshment of choice, guests are truly treated to a menu of extravagance, featuring southern delicacies, grilled meats, and several deserts.

Ingesting my fair share of fixins and taking some time to discuss the state of the local NFL franchise with some of my most favorite Tennessee Titans fans, I was surprised at how quickly game time was upon us. I should mention that Wayne saved the day by providing some exceptional seats at LP Field for me and my group.  The tickets I happened to be holding were actually for the Tennessee Titans home game two weeks prior ... against the Arizona Cardinals. I'm still not exactly quite sure how I confused the weekends, but that streak of terror that shot through me when I saw an Arizona Cardinals helmet on the ticket instead of a St. Louis Rams helmet is something I won't soon forget. Heading over to the stadium, we made our way down to our seats in section 126, row J, seat 3 for an exceptional view of the field. 

Many may not know this, but I consider myself somewhat of a fantasy football authority, putting out a draft guide cheat sheet that I feel is second to none. Going into the season I really liked Chris Johnson.  His rare combination of speed, athleticism and exceptional vision, caused me to rank him extremely high on my cheat sheet and he's currently leading several of my teams into the playoffs. Johnson appears to lull opposing defenses into a false sense of security as he patiently waits for blocking schemes to develop in front of him, finding the slightest of creases.  Once the hole opens up, he unleashes a blazing speed that's capable of gobbling up yards at an alarming rate. Chris Johnson unleashed a fury on the St. Louis Rams defense on his way to 117 yards on the ground and 69 yards through the air with three trips to the endzone to lead the Tennessee Titans to an overwhelming victory by a margin of 47 -7. After traveling throughout the year to stadiums across the country and constantly watching the home team lose (Denver, Detroit, Buffalo, Houston, New York), I gotta say it was rather refreshing to be on the side of a good 'ol fashioned butt-whoopin'.  I'm grateful to the Tennessee Titans for that, it was a welcome change to see a competent home team take the field.

Thanks also to the fine folks at for their gracious hospitality and overwhelming support as I move forward to complete my journey to thirty-one stadiums across this great nation of ours.
City of Nashville Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Grand Ole Opry House
The Parthenon, Statue of Athena
Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge

Local Foods:
Tennessee Barbecue

What They're Drinkin':

Tailgating Hotspots:
Lot T with Tennessee Titans Tailgaters

Local Sports Media:
The Tennessean

Knoxville News

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Nashville
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Popular Bar Districts:
Downtown (Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Legends Corner, The Second Fiddle,
      The Stage)

Best Restaurants:
Jacks Bar-B-Que
BB King's Blues Club & Restaurant
Big River Brewery
Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

Getting to the Stadium:
LP Field is located on the edge of the downtown bar district.  Lots of fans will hit the bar area before the game and then walk across the pedestrian bridge at game time, or tailgate in the many lots surrounding the stadium.  There is no rail line that takes you to the stadium, you're best bet will be to drive there.

Where To Stay:
Downtown Nashville is where its at with a thriving nightlife as the home of country music hosts live bands and great food well into the wee hours of the night.  Plan on staying downtown or near the downtown area.  The Hilton Nashville downtown and Sheraton Nashville Downtown are excellent options. 

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Inside the Bat Cave with the Caped Crusader   The Bat Trailer - Wayne, Bill, myself, and Greg   Lady Titan's Mobile Bar
The Quest Machine at LP Field   Vince Young   LP Field Pre-Tailgate
Melvin manning the Deep Fryer   Wayne, myself, and Greg preparing lunch   The Redneck Tailgaters
Ready for another beer   Quite a buffet line, with an impressive spread   Myself and the Titanista, Karen Kelley
LP Field is very impressive   Myself, Ed, and Lady Titan   Flameheads in town
Karen and I celebrating a Titans win.   Stadium #24 - LP Field   Me and Greg
Please feel free to post any suggestions or comments you might have for my journey to LP Field, including the following:
 - Local Hotspots (Bar Districts, Restaurants, Clubs)
               - Local Foods (Traditional Cuisine, Micro Brews)
               - Tailgating Traditions
               - Your Experiences or Helpful Hints

               - If you saw me let me know!
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Cordell Carter from Macon, Georgia My name is Cordell Carter and I am a firefighter and a personal trainer. I am originally from Gallatin, Tn. I came down for the Eagles game Sunday! The Stadium was beautiful and nice as hell. It has motivated me to get everything together that I can travel again. I want to come down for the Colts game. I love the site it really captures the spirit of the team.

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