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Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson
Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson

The Crown Royal Boys
The Crown Royal Boys


Bengal Trailer LLC
Bengal Trailer LLC

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Feed Yard Saloon

Big Blue Barbecue

Suh Crew


The Tailgaters

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Al's Koholics Tailgaters
Al's Koholics Tailgaters

The Jags Boil'uars
The Jags Boil'uars

Kingsford Kirk's Krew
Kingsford Kirk's Krew

Raider Nation One
Raider Nation One

SD Chargers Tailgating
SD Chargers Tailgating

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KC Chiefs Tailgating

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Lot Blue 7F

  Tailgating in 31 stadiums across the National Football League has led me to meet up with some really fascinating Tailgating groups in each NFL City. These are the die hard season ticket holders that keep the franchise lamp burning even in the darkest of times. Rain or shine, sunny days or inclement weather, the true NFL tailgater continues to persevere in makeshift blacktop towns that popup every Sunday in parking lots across the nation. Success or failure of a home team franchise does not deter the true NFL tailgater for his primary mission - to support the home team at all costs, cook up great food, and drink lots of that frosty cold beverage of choice, to put oneself in the appropriate gameday frame of mind. Putting meat to flame, performing seafood boils, or rotisserie slow roasting a fine roast beast, these folks are more than your standard asphalt grillers. The fans I've listed below are true gameday professionals. With implements ranging from custom trailers, NFL-themed tailgating cruisers, meat smokers, and deep fryers these culinary specialists of the parking lot gridiron prepare incredible feasts much to the delight of all that are present.

Although the food served on gameday is of paramount importance, the gameday atmosphere created at each tailgate is equally significant. For a truly over the top experience, props are required. In my travels, I've found that one major component for a unique NFL tailgate is to have a great tailgating cruiser that accentuates the Food and Beer celebration that is gameday in the NFL. Some guys bring RV's, some guys truck in custom trailers, some guys convert delivery trucks, panel vans, and old buses; but you gotta have a cruiser. I've seen trucks with great custom paint jobs, decked out in home team paraphernalia. I've seen the flat screen TV's with DirecTV and custom sound systems. I've seen vehicles with Astroturf floors, wood paneling on the walls, and NFL memorabilia decor, all contributing to a great tailgating experience. For the truly eccentric tailgating enthusiast, sometimes a gimmick is required. There are the guys that do shots out of bowling balls or cook their food on the hood of their car. Guys that truck in a gas powered fire place for the cold winter weather or a hot tub on a trailer. I've hung out with tailgaters that shotgun a beer every thirty minutes leading up to gametime or bring in a live band to perform on a full stage throughout the morning. These are the true heros of our makeshift gameday village. Any and all means of entertainment and eccentricity are welcome at NFL tailgates. So if you're out and about and looking for a truly unique tailgate, look these guys up, you won't be disappointed.  So now without further adieu, my personal Quest for 31Tailgating Hall of Fame.
Buffalo, NY
Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson
- Easily the most unique Tailgate in the National Football League.  Where else do you take shots out of a bowling ball, eat food cooked on the hood of his car, and watch as a man is covered from head to toe in ketchup and mustard?  Only at Kenny's Tailgate in Buffalo, NY. 
Coffin Corner - Superb culinary delights await the fans who are lucky enough to tailgate with the folks at Coffin Corner.   Their signature sandwich "The Mouthful", is well worth the trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium on game day.  There guys are true pros.
The Crown Royal Boys - These fellas always park next to the stadium and hand out Crown Royal Shots as you enter the game.  The empty Crown Royal bottles are a treasured trophy.  It's been rumored that they even bailed out Santa when he was arrested years ago.

Charlotte, NC - With the incomparable PantherFanz Party Prowler as a unique base of operations and some of the finest barbecue that North Carolina has to offer, these guys hosted one of the finest tailgates I've attended.
Tailgate Rescue Crew - Raucous, hard core tailgating in the heart of the south, that's what Tailgate Rescue Crew is all about.  These guys are a big time party with an awesome custom tailgate cruiser.  Definitely worth checking out when in Charlotte. - A converted delivery truck with wood paneled interior walls and a fully-stocked custom bar, anchors this tailgating group of pros.   

Chicago, IL - A heated, full-sized Bluebird Bus serves as the mobile headquarters for some of the finest tailgating in the Windy City.  With front man Timmy from Da Bus and his vast array of barbecues ad smokers, you can't go wrong planning to hook up with these guys. - The F.U.T.C. is a band of consummate professionals that knows Chicago Bears tailgating.  With their array of beers, grilling surfaces, and secret family recipes, these guys put on a great Tailgate. - The Fire Truck Tailgating Crew have done an exceptional job modifying their fire truck tailgate vehicle.  Great group of rowdy fans who know how to have a good time.

Cincinnati, OH
Bengal Trailer LLC - These guys have a mobile command post that travels to support their home town Bengals in up to four games a year.  Driving a short bus decked out in Bengals colors and pulling a stainless steel trailer that includes a custom grill and deep fryer, this tailgating beast brings the Bengals party on the road to stadiums across the nation.

Cleveland, OH & - These two Cleveland Browns SuperFans have joined forces to offer a premiere tailgating experience right outside the Stadium.  Ask for their signature shot the "Orange and Brown Dawg Bites"
The Browns Bunch - With a sizable following and some innovative tailgating games, this octo-funneling bunch, will keep you thoroughly entertained.  Look for them in the Muni Lot. - Marc and the folks from are exemplary blacktop ambassadors for the Cleveland faithful, look for the bus with a set of canine nuts hanging off the back to locate these guys in the Muni Lot
Mobile Dawg - A fixture in the Muni Lot for many years, Mobile Dawg is the godfather of Cleveland Browns Tailgating and he cooks up a mean stew.  These guys know how to eat!

Dallas, TX - If you're looking for good 'ol fashioned Southern hospitality, is where it's at.  My man Felix, the grill-meister himself, hosts a Cowboys tailgate that is second to none.

Detroit, MI

Tubgaters -  Where you you rather be on a blisteringly cold, Detroit Sunday morning than in a piping hot hot tub centrally located in the middle of the best tailgating that Motown has to offer.  These guys take the plunge during every home game.
The Tailgaters - Vic and Gina roll out an impressive, trailer-only grill surface to prepare the finest blacktop banquet the Motor City has to offer.  If you can score an invite, consider yourself lucky my friends.
Suh Crew - A young, up and coming bunch that formed in 2010, but are holding their own amongst some of the Motor City's finest premiere tailgaters. - These guys are singlehandedly bringing Detroit Tailgating back to the prominence of the old Pontiac Silverdome days.  The custom bar and live band each week, coupled with a rowdy group of regulars make this my favorite group to hang out with in Motown. - A fixture in the Eastern market for several years, this crew of hardcore tailgaters and die hard Lion supporters know Detroit Tailgating.  Check them out if you get the chance.
Houston, TX
- These guys have built a great emergency tailgating vehicle, dubbed Mojo1, and you can't go wrong with the simultaneous shotgunning of a beer every half hour leading up to gametime.
Al's Koholics Tailgaters - With front man Wayne Spake at the helm, apple martinis and breakfast burritos to start the day, and the finest blacktop barbecue in the National Football League, the City of houston is well represented by Al's Koholics.
Raging Bull Tailgaters - Featured in Tailgater Monthly Magazine in the summer of 08, check out my man "Sweet" for some of the finest BBQ in the Lot.  These guys boast an impressive rig and an equally impressive tailgate, you'll find them in the Platinum Lot. - An eclectic aggregation of personal knick-knacks adorn this fantastic tailgating rig and frontman "The Hog" will certainly show you a good time and cook up a fine sampling of local cuisine.  You can't miss this!

Indianapolis, IN
The Blue Crew - Combine a meticulously restored blue a white fire truck, two Indianapolis Colts ambulances, and a horseshoe-shaped mobile bar with some of the finest football fans in the NFL who lease their own parking lot on gameday and you have a recipe for success my friends.
Jacksonville, FL
The Jags Boil'uars - With connections in New Orleans and National Fishing Champions among their ranks, the Boil'uars host amazing Shrimp and Crawfish Boils with fresh crustaceans shipped in directly from the Bayou and always cooked up in "Slap Ya Mama" Cajun spices. 

Miami, FL - Solid tailgating from professional tailgaters who have done it all.  With great south Florida weather, the support of seasoned veteran fans, and a little creativity, the folks from host an excellent Tailgate.

Minneapolis, MN
- The premiere tailgating group in the Twin Cities.  With celebrity fans, a great location, and tattoo artists on staff, being a fly on the wall at this tailgate is an enviable position.  The Battlewagon itself includes a working gas powered fireplace and flat screen TV to bring the comforts of home to parking lot tailgating. - Hosted by the number one source for Minnesota Vikings forum discussions, the folks at with their purple and yellow Jello shots and local brews know how to throw a great tailgate. - With master air guitarist, Mookie, and a set of mobile field goal posts located across the from the BattleWagon, these guys are not to be missed.

Nashville, TN
TennesseeTitansTailgaters - Easily the best Tailgate I've attended in the National Football League.  Every home game Wayne Vandevort shows why he's the Bruce Wayne of Tailgate and with his partner in crime, fellow Hall of Famer Lady Titan, they form a Dynamic Duo that's unmatched among professional tailgaters.

New York, NY - New York Jets Tailgating - Solid Tailgate, great tailgating website.  The Maino Brothers are fantastic hosts and great ambassadors of the City of New York.  Culinary artistry with a flare for the simple placement of meat to flame.
Jets Tailgate Lot 5A - Frank and the boys offer some great New York hospitality and a wealth of football knowledge.  If looking for some great guys to grab a brew with, look no further than Lot 5A.

New York, NY - New York Football Giants Tailgating - Incredible tailgate.  Lots of food.  Live DJ.  Great Barbecue.  Greg and the fellas know prime time tailgating.  If you're looking to hang out with some seasoned veterans of the blacktop, look no further than Big Blue Barbecue. - John and the boys host an excellent tailgate.  The folks are really friendly, the food is top notch, and how can you beat their RV base of operations (it's a classic) and the of course the Big Blue Box.

Oakland, CA
Kingsford Kirk - Hall of Famer Kingsford Kirk earns his HOF credentials with a fantastic feast each week.  When I stopped in on Kirk, he was grilling oysters, had marinated steaks on a custom-built grill, and was roasting a full pig in preparation for the day's tailgating activities.  This guy is a pro! - With a selection of local rare microbrews and some great pulled pork sandwiches along with a plethora of grilled foodstuffs, this premiere Raiders Fan forum showed they know what HOF Tailgating is all about.
Raider Nation One - A fantastic tailgating trailer, easily the envy of all including myself makes Raider Nation One a fine addition to my Hall of Fame.  Flat Screen TV's (that's plural), leather couches, and a full bar set this trailer apart from the rest.

Philadelphia, PA
OneCrazyFan - Mike Young's gameday setup is more than impressive.  Along with their customized International Truck, the gameday menu is always incredible and the group of fans that gravitate to Mike's Tailgate are some true Eagles Die Hards.
CavsEaglesTailgate - These three time recipients of the Jack Daniel's Tailgate Award come packin' heat on gameday.  With a full mobile bar and some impressive grill surfaces, you will not go hungry if you are fortunate enough to hang out with these guys.

Pittsburgh, PA
Mobile Tailgating Unit (MTU) - John and Rick have done a superb job restoring their 1980's-era ambulance to craft the ultimate Steeler Nation battle wagon.
Lot Blue 7F - Dominic and the crew that has setup shop in Lot Blue 7F are an incredibley astute and personable group of Pittsburgh Steeler diehards.  They setup an awesome gameday tailgate and with a Steel City warmth make everyone feel welcome.

Phoenix, AZ
Cards #1 Tailgate Team - "Poonster", "Teabag" and "Shocker" put on THE premiere tailgating experience in Phoenix, Arizona.  With a blacktop party accented by "Duck Farts", "Cardinal Juice", "Big Reds Testicle Cherries", and "Cardinal Red Heat Jell-O Shots", how can one go wrong?  Their custom hats for each opponent are a weekly surprise, but it's the food these guys prepare on gameday that makes this tailgating experience one of the NFL's finest.

San Francisco, CA - Great marinated chicken wings, a grill that's constantly putting meat to flame, and some great fans make this premiere fn forum's tailgate the best in San Francisco.

Washington, D.C.
Dead Tree Crew - Hard core Washington Redskins tailgating is headquartered in the shade of the infamous Dead Tree at F-51.  This raucous brand of tailgating may not be for everyone, as visiting fans are not necessarily welcome, but it is good-natured fun. - Exceptional Tailgate and friendly fans cooking up some of the best food in the lot.  Everything from Pez's famous wings to Andy and Mike's Maryland Crab Soup, are worth a taste if passing by.

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