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Cheap NFL Jerseys Online - Buyer Beware

Darren McFadden Jersey - McAfee Coliseum
Darren McFadden Jersey

Frank Gore Jersey - Candlestick Park
Frank Gore Jersey

Marion Barber Jersey - Texas Stadium
Marion Barber Jersey

Shawn Alexander Jersey - Qwest Field
Shawn Alexander Jersey

Brett Favre Jersey - Lambeau Field
Brett Favre Jersey

Andre Johnson Houston Texans Jersey
Andre Johnson Jersey

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings Jersey


Where Do You Get Your Jerseys?
Going to thirty-two games in thirty-one NFL stadiums as a home team fan presents many challenges.  Not the least of which is trying to find cheap NFL jerseys of an elite quality that will allow me to represent the home team in style.  If you know anything about NFL jerseys, you know there are several places to purchase them from, and several different quality ranges based on where you buy them and how they're made.  In going to these multiple games in a home team jersey each time, I've bought NFL jerseys on E-bay, through team stores online, and at the mall.  I've purchased the really bad Chinese knock-off jerseys and the stuff on clearance, but absolutely nothing compares to the NFL Reebok-badged jerseys that come new with tags or NWT.  In my opinion, these are the premiere NFL jerseys on the market.   I've bought the Reebok NFL jerseys that have silk screened numbers and I've paid $75.00 to get them, but the absolute finest jersey that Reebok produces is the NFL Reebok-badged Authentic or On-Field jersey.  These NFL jerseys are the closest thing you can buy to what the athletes wear on the field.  Retailing at nearly $300.00, these jerseys have sewn on numbers and letters (not silkscreened) and are made of high quality mesh with spandex sides.   But many fans who wear these jerseys don't pay the $300.00 to get them.   What they are wearing are knockoff "Reebok" jerseys that are typically made overseas.

Buyer Beware...
The Asian-made jerseys are very cheap and some are of extremely high quality including the sewn on numbers, high quality mesh, and spandex sides.  This is due mostly to the fact that these folks are not subject to the copyright laws that bind many manufacturers, buyers, and sellers of jerseys in the United States.   You'll find through some suppliers that you can purchase a jersey of a high quality that has the appropriate Reebok badging and brand new tags for as little as $65.00 - $90.00.    Many people are more than happy to wear a jersey of this type because they don't come with the $300.00 price tag.   The thing to be aware of however is that if you see these jerseys selling at around $70.00, they are most probably fakes.  They'd have to be, no reputable Reebok supplier is going to jeopardize his relationship with the Reebok  parent company in order to sell a few black market jerseys at a lower price.  The other thing to be aware of is that even among the fake Reebok jerseys there is a notable discrepancy in quality.  If you decide to go this route, and I'm not advocating anything on this site, be damn sure you're buying a good quality fake jersey.  This type of situation is definitely a buyer beware because a seller can post any picture they want and often times they do.  Many sellers will actually post marketing photos directly from the NFL shops and you won't know if you're getting a good quality product or one of very poor quality.  The "new with tags" designation is a bit of a misnomer as well because in this day and age, with the availability of Adobe Photoshop and high quality printers, anyone can create authentic-looking Reebok NFL tags including the hologram.   Again, just be aware of what you're buying.  I've had several people contact the site telling me that they purchased "Reebok" sewn on jerseys and the first time they washed it, the numbers fell off or the jersey fell apart.  I would certainly recommend only dry cleaning any jersey you buy online and if you do decide to make a purchase, just be aware of what you're getting yourself into.

How to Spot a Fake Jersey (click on Closeup Pics below)
Reebok produces several lines of varying style, quality, and price in it's line of NFL jerseys. The intention here is to offer its customers several options in different price ranges for those fans that want to purchase the NFL jersey of their favorite player.  We can't all afford the $300.00 authentic Reebok jerseys and with player movement and the free agent era in pro sports, it's tough to make such a large financial commitment to one player. The issue with buying jerseys online is that you cannot see the item up close. You can't touch the lettering or verify that stitching is done properly. You can't examine the tags or feel the quality of the material.  Some sellers online will actually purchase blank jerseys and sew the numbers on themselves, believe me when I tell you, this is definitely not the type of product you want to be spending your money on. As you'll see below, many of the Reebok line of jerseys look very similar, especially in a photograph, so you want to make sure you know what it is you're buying.  Anyway, here is my attempt to provide you with some information on what's out there and give you my impressions of each.


Matt Leinart Reebok
Authentic Series Jersey

Steve Smith Reebok
EQT Series Jersey

Andre Johnson Reebok
Replica Series Jersey

Carson Plamer
NFL Replica Jersey

Joe Montana
Asian Knockoff Jersey


Reebok Authentic Series
These NFL Jerseys are the top of the line, highest quality jersey that Reebok produces. The Reebok NFL Authentic series jerseys are the closest thing you can buy to what the players on the field are wearing on Sundays.  Listing in stores from $250.00 to $300.00, they feature a heavy mesh material, spandex sides, Reebok badging on the neck and hip, and sewn on letters and numbers. The numbers themselves are generally made of a satin or raised tackle twill material featuring a horizontal pattern. The numbers on the front should be smaller than the numbers on the back (due to NFL regulations) and they should have a raised appearance off the mesh body. If you're looking to buy the best this is where it's at.

Reebok EQT Series
The EQT is Reebok's attempt to provide a more economically priced jersey for those that really like the look of the Reebok Authentic Series, but can't afford the $300.00 price tag that generally comes with it. Although this is a nice attempt, listing at $110.00, and considering the quality of jersey you're receiving, in my opinion it's just not worth it. As horrible as it sounds, I'd much rather purchase a high quality fake jersey for my money than the Reebok EQT. The Reebok EQT is made from lower quality materials to keep the price down, but the dead giveaway is the single layer printed tackle twill numbers used in this jersey's construction. Instead of a dual layer number in which each individual layer is sewn down, the EQT has a single layer number, that although technically is "sewn on" the jersey, the top layer is actually silkscreened and the "stitching" linking the top layer to the bottom is actually drawn in instead of sewn on, hence the "single layer" description. The material used to make the numbers is also a lower quality thin material that feels like a disposable vinyl tablecloth that you would use on picnic tables. From a distance you really can't tell this is not an Authentic, but up close it's clearly evident.

Reebok Replica Series
The Replica series is a solid product in the Reebok line. With these jerseys, at least you know what you're getting To buy one, you're looking at about a $75.00 price tag. The Replicas are made of good quality materials with Reebok badging located at the neckline and on the hip. The Replica Series features all silkscreened or printed numbers and letters on all areas of the jersey. I've seen some sellers call these jerseys "sewn on" by referring to the nameplate on the back that features a silkscreened name that is sewn on to the back of the jersey. Calling this jersey sewn on because a rectangular panel bearing a silkscreened name is "sewn on" is really stretching what this phrase means.  The thing to remember when trying to compare pictures of the Reebok Replica with some of the other jerseys listed below, is that these jerseys prominently feature the NFL logo on the neckline where as the others will not.

Other Jerseys:
NFL Replica Jerseys

These are the jerseys that you'll find hanging in racks at Wal-mart, K-Mart, or your local grocery store. Retailing for around $20.00 - $30.00, they're made from very cheap materials (usually a thin polyester). These jerseys have silkscreened numbers and letters, usually without the vent holes that you'll find in the Reebok Replica Series Jersey.  They also feature a silkscreened team logo on each sleeve, which you typically won't find on most other jerseys.. Distinguishing them from the Reebok Replica series is very easy because they will not have the NFL shield on the neckline or the Reebok tag at the hip. If you're looking for something quick, this route is not too bad based on the price, but I wouldn't recommend actually going out of your way to purchase one of these.

Cheap Asian Knockoffs
I'm not sure what to call these. They're made of poor quality materials.  The numbers have a shiny polyester appearance, the mesh is a lightweight material, and there are no spandex sides or NFL logo on the neckline or hip tag.  The number and letter fonts that are used in their construction are usually incorrect and the jersey size itself is generally off (they usually run small). I bought a couple of these over the years and paid some money to get 'em. I was not happy with any of them. They're not Reebok Jerseys, they often have really bad counterfeit-looking  throwback tags, they're not at all comfortable to wear, and they just look off.  Recognize them, look at them, but my advice is don't buy 'em.  Notice that the number shading behind the white #16 is actually just another set of black numbers sewn behind the white, that's a clear indicator that these are fakes.  The actual 49ers number features a customized shaded feature not a second set of numbers.


Adrian Peterson Jersey

Ronnie Brown Miami Dolphins Jersey
Ronnie Brown Jersey

Vince Young Tennessee Titans Jersey
Vince Young Jersey

Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears Jersey
Brian Urlacher Jersey

Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals Jersey
Larry Fitzgerald Jersey

Marshawn Lynch Buffalo Bills Jersey
Marshawn Lynch Jersey


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