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  In recent years NFL tailgating has become an art form as fans strive to bring the comforts of home to their temporary place of residence outside an NFL stadium near you. Touring the country as I visit stadium after stadium on a crusade to attend a game in each, Iíve been floored by the ingenuity and passion of the millennium fan.  On Sunday mornings, stadium tailgating takes on a new meaning as parking lots brimming with NFL tailgaters spring into action. Converted school buses, delivery trucks, and RVís packed with more electronics than a tactical operations shelter, serve as central command for todayís tailgater. Leather recliners, pop-up shelters, flat screen TVís, full sized barbecues, firepits, and tailgating flagpoles Ö these are the marks of a true NFL Superfan.

Gone are the days when one could sneak kegs of beer and coolers into NFL stadiums.  In the post 9/11 era, security concerns combine with the interests of big business to limit what can be brought into the stadium on gameday. In response, todayís fan bookends the Sunday celebration with a parking lot feast that rivals the gluttony of any medieval banquet hall. Deep fried turkeys, legs of lambs, rotisseried roasts, and seafood boils litter stadium parking lots as NFL tailgaters strive to bring unique gourmet meals to the great outdoors. For some, the traditional handheld hotdog or double-fisted brew may suffice, but to those that strive for
professionalism in a world of mediocrity, this page is respectfully dedicated.

Throughout my many travels across the National Football League, I've run into the amazing and the unique.  The NFL landscape is comprised of pockets of regional treasures that I was hoping to uncover as I Quest for 31.  The NFL tailgate happens to be once of those fine jewels of the NFL experience and through this page on NFL tailgating I hope to inspire those that decide they want to travel to other stadiums as well as recognize local tailgaters that go above and beyond in pursuit of NFL Team fandom.  throughout these links you will find resources to help you locate tailgaters or NFL cities, product links and Stadium Tour information.  I encourage you to treat this as a gameday reference to assist in trip planning.  if you have any ideas that can improve my site, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

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