Stadium #7
Lambeau Field
Green Bay, WI
New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers Stadium
November 19, 2006
35 - 0 Loss

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  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1957
Capacity: 72,601 seats
Playing Surface: Natural Grass
Draft Beer:
Hot Dog:
Lg. Soda:
Lambeau Field
Stadium Address

1265 Lombardi Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 496-5700
Get Directions

Stadium Review
- My Visit to Title Town
There's something magical about Green Bay, Wisconsin, Title Town, USA. Visitors recognize it immediately and the residents of this sleepy little town certainly understand it. Green Bay is the Mecca of Pro Football that every true fan of the National Football League has to visit at least once for a regular season game. The Green Bay Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. It's a small town team with a deep rooted sense of community and home of some of the greatest fans in the nation. Packer fans are excellent ambassadors of the pro game. They understand the high regard and respect with which they're franchise, their stadium, and their town are held in by other NFL fans and in return provide a warm, welcoming environment to visitors. I made my trek to Lambeau Field in 2006, my first year of the Quest for 31. Because of its history and tradition, Green Bay was one of the trips I most looked forward to as I made my way across the league en route to seeing a game in all thirty-one NFL stadiums.

Green Bay Packers Tailgating in Title-townIt was an uncharacteristically warm day on "The Frozen Tundra" and the parking lot surrounding this iconic venue was alive with tailgaters, a live traveling band, and Vince Lombardi himself. Parking around the Lambeu Field is by permit only, but the multitude of homes surrounding the stadium are happy to accommodate any over flow by taking $20 for the esteemed privilege of parking on their front lawn. It was a fairly unique experience to say the least, as we drove right up the curb and parked on the lawn right next to the shrubbery that sits in front of a giant picture window at a fairly unassuming local abode, but to each his own.

Downing my share of a 24 pack of "Milwaukee's Best", procured from a very friendly gas station attendant for $7.99 on the way into town, a sense of excitement overcame me as I approached the hallowed grounds of the great Lambeau Field. I couldn't help but be absorbed by the mystique of the legend of Green Bay, Wisconsin with its fabled Green Bay Vince Lombardi and IPackers franchise, coach Vince Lombardi, and what is widely regarded as one of the best fan bases in the National Football League. Set right in the middle of a residential neighborhood, Lambeau Field seems a little bit out of place as most NFL stadiums are located in booming metropolitan areas. But in this town where football is king, the sense of community provided by a residential location is refreshing. The Parking Lot itself offers a carnival-like experience as fans celebrate with pregame libations wearing blocks of foam cheese on their heads.  Every group I approached immediately embraced me as one of their own and offers to partake in food and drink were plentiful. I found the Packer fans to be welcoming and respectful even to visiting fans and their reputation for world class tailgating is well deserved.

Green Bay Packers FansMy fraternity Brother Dante had a cousin that played for the Green Bay Packers that year, and it was through Tory Humphrey, the as yet unheralded breakout talent at the tight end position, that we obtained tickets in Row 2 of Section 116 behind the players bench (did I mention we were in Row 2?). The seats were unbelievable. It was like we were at a high school game as the action down on the field was right in front of us. Seated in the stands, as I looked around Lambeau Field, a true sense of history and a tangible presence of the ghosts of those that played here overcame me. I was actually seated among the Green Bay faithful watching the great Brett Favre execute the Green Bay offense while in his element ... the dreaded Frozen Tundra. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Green Bay Packers StadiumAs far accessorizing is concerned, no visit to Lambeau Field is complete for any true Green Bay Packer fan without the purchase of a Green Bay Packer Original Cheesehead Hat, so I had to make a trip at halftime to the Pro Shop to grab one. These Cheesehead Hats along with an extensive variety of foam cheese paraphernalia can be found at the Lambeau Field gift shop. You simply can't make the trek all the way to Lambeau Field without taking a piece back with you, it's un-American. The $18 price tag was a bargain as far as I was concerned and there were actually several styles to choose from. I prefer the traditional cheese block myself, but visitors will find baseball caps, cowboy hats, and sombreros as well. I guess there's just something special about watching NFL football in Green Bay while wearing a block of cheese on your head that transcends the norm. I can't explain it, but strangely enough, I completely understand it.

The Food
Inside Lambeau Field, I had a hankering for a hot dog and therefore tried their Foot Long Hotdog sold at the concession stands. In Lambeau Field the foot long is served with Chili and cheese. Jalapeno peppers can be added, if you desire, and all for the reasonably low price of $6.00. The Brat Pizza is also very good. This pizza is topped with chunks of Bratwurst, mozzarella cheese and a tomato sauce with a sweet undertone. I was pleasantly surprised to find a decent tasting piece of pizza from a stadium concession stand and highly recommend a slice for the $6.00 price tag. For the True Cheesehead, nothing beats a belly full of Lambeu Cheese Curds for $4.00 from a Lambeau Field concession stand. These Cheese curds are chunks of local Wisconsin cheddar deep fried in oil. Locals eat 'em plain, but Ranch dressing is available if you ask nicely. For a city that knows how to tailgate and knows how to eat, it was refreshing to see some local flavor reflected in the concessions available on game day.
City of Green Bay Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Lambeau Field Stadium Tour, Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame
National Railroad Museum
Bay Beach Amusement Park

Local Foods:
Hand-crafted regional cheese
Friday Fish Fry
Award-winning regional wineries

What They're Drinkin':
Miller, Lienenkugals, Titletown Brewing Company Beer , Railyard Ale, Johnny "Blood" Red, Canadeo Gold, Milwaukee's Best

Tailgating Hotspots:
Stadium View
Kroll's West Burger and Chili

Local Sports Media:
Green Bay Press Gazette
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Sports Radio 107.5FM The Fan
Sports Radio 1250 AM
Popular Bars:
Anduzzi's, Curly's Pub, Packer Stadium Lounge, The Bar Holmgren Way

Best Restaurants:
Brett Favre Steak House, Kroll's West Burger and Chili
Republic Chophouse (steak & lobster), Tundra Lodge Resort

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Green Bay
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map

Getting to the Stadium:
To get to Historic Lambeau Field, you're going to need to drive to the stadium.  Public transportation is really not an option here.  You can try to park in the parking lot, but most of the spots are bought up by the season ticket holders.  Try to get a parking pass in advance or pull up onto someone's front lawn and pay them to park, as Lambeau Field is situated right in the heart of a residential area

Where To Stay:
Pick a hotel close to the stadium and enjoy all that this football town and the Packer Fans have to offer.  I suggest checking out the Road Star Inn or the Best Western-Midway.

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Take a Stadium Tour of Lambeau Field:

Lambeau Field Stadium Tours click here for info
Ticket Prices: $11 Adults, $10 Seniors, $8 Children (ages 6-11),  OR $19 combo price for Stadium Tour & Hall of Fame Admission

Phone Number: 920-569-7513
Hours: Monday through Saturday (check times on the website)
Areas Covered: Lambeau Field Atrium, Legends Club, Pro Bowl Box, Field and much more.
Jamin's house in Milwaukee, WI A true Green Bay Packer dwelling Thank you Chrysler
Jamin's house in Milwaukee   A true Green Bay Packer Dwelling   Thank you Chrysler
$20 parking lot at Lambeau Field   Myself, TJ, Dante, and Jamin at Lambeau Field   Green Bay Packers Stadium - Lambeau Field - the frozen tundra
The $20 parking lot Myself, TJ, Dante, and Jamin Lambeau Field. "the frozen tundra"
New England Patriots fans from Boston, MA   Green Bay Packers Stadium Tour   Last cold beer outside Gate 4
NE Patriots fans who made the trek   Making the Band...   Last cold one outside Gate 4
I'm a man of the People   Green Bay Packers Fans  

Vince Lombardi - Title Town

I'm a man of the People ...   Row 2, Section 116, Thanks to T-Hump!  

Vince Lombardi statue

Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders   A Green Bay Packers fan is born   Title Town - Lambeau Field
Jamin and I with Green Bay Cheerleaders   A Green Bay Packers fan is born   Day Day, Myself, TJ, and JAmin

Me and TJ watching the Green Bay Packers

  Quest for 31 on Location in Green Bay  

Me and TJ watching the Green Bay Packers

  A true Cheesehead...   Stadium 7 Lambeau Field
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