Stadium #14
CenturyLink Field (formerly Qwest Field)
Seattle, WA
Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks Stadium
October 21, 2007
33 - 6 Win

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  Stadium Vitals
Built: 2002
Capacity: 72,000 seats
Playing Surface: FieldTurf
Draft Beer: $8.25      
Hot Dog: $5.25 
Stadium Parking: $40.00 
CenturyLink Field
Stadium Address
800 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 381-7555  
Get Directions

Stadium Review - CenturyLink Field is #1Seattle Seahawks Stadium
Seattle is famous for rainy days, Starbucks coffee, and grunge rock, but when I think of Seattle, I think of the Seattle Seahawks professional football franchise and the mighty CenturyLink Field. By all accounts of those in the know, CenturyLink Field is supposed to provide the ultimate fan experience as compared to any other stadium in the National Football League. Iíve seen it ranked number 1 on several reviews ranking the stadiums in order. So with the bar set high, I entered CenturyLink Field expecting to be disappointed Ö I was not. After experiencing an NFL gameday with the Seattle Seahawks faithful, there is no doubt in my mind that CenturyLink Field provides the ultimate fan experience and is my favorite place to watch an NFL game.

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CenturyLink Field is aesthetically nested in the heart of downtown Seattle. The Stadium is split down the center with massive covered seating decks to protect the fans from the Seattle rain. But although visually appealing, these decks are functional in nature as well. Like two gigantic Bose headphones on each side of the field, the covered decks are actually acoustically optimized to direct crowd noise onto the field below. During each defensive series, the hometown crowd takes full advantage of CenturyLink Fieldís unique construction as noise levels rise when the opposing offense takes the field. Like two tangible walls of sound, crowd noise infects the field below to disrupt opposing offenses. CenturyLink Field is easily among the loudest stadiums that Iíve been in as evidenced by their league leading 60 opponent false start penalties since 2005 (as of October 21, 2007). Their closest competitor in this category resides in the Minneapolis Metrodome where Viking fans have caused only 42. The other nice feature of the CenturyLink Field design is the view of the Seattle Skyline provided in the South Endzone as the stadium opens up at ground level. It is a very impressive design, a unique blend of steel and brick that provides some protection from the elements, but not enough to disrupt the experience of being in an outdoor stadium that is subject to the elements. The Stadium design is very open, very welcoming. As a fan you get the feeling of communing with the city of Seattle on gameday as skyscrapers rise up around you. The thriving bar scene around CenturyLink Field also provides an excellent venue for gameday celebration or in the event of a loss to drown your sorrows surrounded by compatriots that feel your pain.

The 12th man is Seattle is highly prized by the Seattle Seahawks organization. The Seahawks have actually retired the number 12 in honor of Seahawks fans and in the north endzone before each game a #12 flag celebrating the twelfth man is raised prior to kickoff. Seahawks fans come dressed in Seahawks colors, they invoke the wrath of the 12th man for every defensive series, and I found them to be very knowledgeable and friendly. Jones Soda which is bottled in Seattle will also send cameramen into the stands to get pictures of fans on gameday that will then be used on the labels of their bottles that are sold in the area. So the sprit of the twelfth man lives on in grocery stores throughout the region.

On this day the Seattle Seahawks would not be denied a win against the reeling 0 Ė 6 St. Louis Rams as Matt Hasselbeck and Co. pounded the Rams into submission 33 Ė 6, making money for Seahawks fans at all the leading online sports betting sites.  It was actually nice to see a home team that's supported by some of the best fans in the league capitalize on a resounding win over an adversary they should in fact beat.

So heading into their bye week with momentum and first place in the AFC West Division, there should be good things on the horizon for the Seahawks and their fans.  As for me, my visit to CenturyLink field was more than impressive and I was even afforded the opportunity to join in an authentic Seattle Fan Wave. This common fan celebration used around the league and in most sports today actually originated in Seattle, so I made sure to pay homage to the birthplace of the wave.

The Food - Best Concessions in the NFL
Bar None, CenturyLink Field provides the preeminent fan concessions experience in the National Football League. I mean nobody in the NFL provides the variety and quality of sports celebratory cuisine as can be found in the hallowed concourses of CenturyLink Field. Apart from the standard fan nourishment thatís available across the league (hot dogs, brats, popcorn and burgers), I was able to find bread bowls of clam chowder, teriyaki grilled meats, Big Foot hot dogs, red bean chili, fish and chips dinners, and rice bowls. But the locals swear by Grounders world famous garlic fries. These fan favorites are a must if you are visitor to the Seattle area. When I say garlic fries, Iím not talking about garlic-flavored French fries. Iím talking about an order of French fries tossed in a generous portion of freshly minced whole garlic. These pallet pleasers are sure to provide the cholesterol soothing power of garlic, and any protection one might need from the opposite sex. This stuff is so potent it can be detected several rows away. CenturyLink Field also serves Jones Soda products in all concessions stands. Definitely, the best concessions Iíve encountered in the National Football League.


City of Seattle Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Pioneer Square
Myrtle Edwards Park
The Seattle Aquarium
Pike Place Market

Local Foods:

What They're Drinkin':

Tailgating Hotspots:

Local Sports Media:
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Seattle Times
Popular Bar Districts:

Best Restaurants:

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Seattle
Metro Rail Information
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Fan Forum:
Seahawks Huddle

Getting to the Stadium:
CenturyLink Field has lots of game day parking available around the stadium.  Your best bet is to drive in on game day for a day of tailgating in the lot.

Where To Stay:
Plan on staying downtown if heading to Seattle for a game.  Among the many fabulous hotels, I would recommend the Crowne Plaza Seattle Hotel or the Hyatt at Olive 8.  The Four Seasons is also superb if looking for plush accomodations.

Planning Your Next Trip to see the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field?
Traveling to all thirty-one stadiums around the National Football League, teaches you a thing or two about getting the most for your money.  I've set up this website to help others that are interested in NFL Travel.  Below you'll find links for cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets, arena seating charts and local weather for everything you need to plan a successful trip to CenturyLink Field.

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Qwest Field Seattle Seahawks Seating Chart

Take a Stadium Tour of CenturyLink Field:

Qwest Field Stadium Tours - more info

Ticket Prices: $7Adults, $5Students, $5Seniors
Phone Number: 206-381-7582
Areas Covered: Luxury Suites, Concourses, Visitors Locker Room, Field

Public Tours:
  No reservation is required to attend public tours of CenturyLink Field, but it is advised that you call in advance to ensure tour availability for the day you plan to arrive.
Tour Schedule
Sept 1 - May 30: Fri and Sat 12:30pm & 2:30pm
June 1 - Aug 31: Daily 12:30pm & 2:30pm

Meet at the Seahawks ProShop  which is located on the west side of the stadium on Occidental
Avenue at the scheduled times above.  Tour tickets can be purchased at the ProShop.

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