Stadium #15
Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City, MO

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs Stadium
November 11, 2007
27 - 11 Loss

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See my other visit to
Arrowhead Stadium:

KC - July 10,2007


  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1972

Playing Surface: Natural Grass
Draft Beer: $7.25       
Hot Dog: $4.50
Stadium Parking: $22.00
Stadium Address

One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129
(816) 920-9300
Get Directions
Stadium Review - "
That's great, but who are the Chefs?"
Kansas City Chiefs Stadium
A twelve hour road trip separated me from Stadium #15, Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, so I chose Veterans Day weekend to make the trek. Crystal and I jumped into my 1997 Ford Explorer early on Saturday morning and did not stop until we were in Kansas City later that night. It was an unseasonably warm weekend in early November as the temperature at gametime rose to 68-degrees …definitely the upside of global warming. For all of its doomsday prophecies, toxic green house gases, and rising sea levels, I guess there’s bound to be positives to the apocalyptic destruction of our planet … so Al Gore be damned!

I was particularly excited by the prospect of experiencing NFL fandom at Arrowhead Stadium. I guess I’ve always respected Kansas City Chiefs fans. I think it’s because they’re a lot like Buffalo Bills fans, a rabid fanbase of diehards that lives and dies by the game of football. In a place like Kansas City, the blue collar work ethic shines through, as even their sports teams become a reflection of the community as a whole. These tailgating, inclement weather-loving, NFL fanatics come together as a collective on Sundays to inspire their hometown Chiefs and I definitely wanted to be a part of that. We arrived at the stadium early on Sunday morning for the tailgating extravaganza that was to be Week 10 at Arrowhead Stadium. Strangely enough, as we approached the Stadium parking lot, we were welcomed by “bread greeters”. Kinda like the old folks by the front door at Wal-mart, but these people were handing out free loaves of Mrs. Baird’s Honey Whole Grain White. Not one to question local customs, I graciously accepted my bread loaf and used it to accentuate all of my tailgating food stuffs for the day– a crispy potato chip and ketchup sandwich really hits the spot sometimes.

The parking lot was alive and as expected, a temporary tent community sprung up around us as folks began to settle in. Charcoal pits were set ablaze to begin the hotdog and hamburger barbecue fest as kegs were tapped providing free-flowing alcoholic beverages throughout the morning. The one criticism I have of the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot is that there are definitely not enough port-a-johns to service the masses. I was told you either wait in line for what seems like and eternity or you make you own arrangements. Several fans told me that what works best is to walk around with an extra beer that can be used as payment into one of the many fan port-a-johns setup up by randoms around the parking lot. I tested the fan to fan beer exchange policy and found that most fans were happy to accept the new beer for recycled beer barter agreement which was of great relief to me. The Kansas City Chiefs fans were really fantastic, as we received offers to join just about every colloquial gathering that we happened upon.

The game itself was unreal. As I sat in my seat at Arrowhead Stadium participating in the first Tomahawk Chop chant of the day … and by the way you haven’t lived until you’ve participated in a Tomahawk Chant amidst a sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium.  It was mass-sanctioned political incorrectness. I felt like a little kid getting away with my first f-bomb is public because, “everyone else was doing it.”  Anyway, as I sat there, I reflected upon those great Kansas City Chiefs teams that were always so difficult for my Buffalo Bills to beat at home. The ball-hawking Kansas City defenses that were anchored by Kansas City Chiefs greats Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith and the grind it out offenses featuring the power rushing attack of “The Nigerian Nightmare,” Christian Okoye. These teams always posed quite a challenge for the Kelly-era Bills. But although Monday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium always left the Bills on the losing end, I’m happy to say that when we met in the playoffs during the early nineties, the Bills were always victorious. Unfortunately our winning steak always seemed to end on the last game of the season. Imagine that … four straight, stupid super bowls. You’d think we could have picked up a win somewhere along the way.

The day’s contest featured another great divisional rivalry between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Larry Johnson was shelved with an injury, so Priest Holmes was making his return to Arrowhead Stadium from a two year hiatus. For the first half of football, the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs kept is close, but the Broncos efficiency on offense and the Chiefs ineptitude on defense, blew the doors off this one and the Broncos left with a pretty resounding 27 -11 shellacking of the hometown team. I was very disappointed that my trip to Arrowhead Stadium resulted in a loss, but with throngs of fans still in the parking lot looking to celebrate Sunday, we were happy to spend the rest of the day making new friends.

The Food
The standard fare at Arrowhead Stadium accentuated by a plethora of local options.  Visitors to Arrowhead Stadium can find local barbecue at Kansas City's own Gates Bar-B-Q in several locations dotted throughout the stadium.  It was also refreshing to see Scimeca's Italian sausage, Bratwurst, and Polish Sausage along with Farmland KC dogs being served in the concessions stands around the stadium.   All in all some tasty options to compliment your Anheuser-Busch beverage of choice.
Kansas City Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:

Local Foods:

What They're Drinkin':

Tailgating Hotspots:

Local Sports Media:
Kansas City Star
Popular Bar Districts:

Best Restaurants:

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Kansas City
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map

Getting to the Stadium:
Arrowhead Stadium is located outside the downtown area.  Driving to the stadium is your best option.  There is plenty of parking space so it's not necessary to get a parking pass in advance.

Where To Stay:
Downtown Kansas City is rich with arts and culture. Pick your favorite place to dine and spend the evening at any one of the many nightclubs. Conveniently located hotels would include The Hallmark Inn and the Holiday Inn-Sports complex.

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Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating    
A little pregame tailgating   Nothing like a brew at 10:00am   Beginning the fan experience
    Kansas City Chiefs Fans
Hanging out at the Magic Bus   These were some fanatical fans!   There's even a bathroom on there!
Send me you names!!!!   Hanging with the Dy-Hard Pirates of Arrowhead.   One last shot before gametime - what a lush!
Kansas City Chiefs Stadium Tour    
Denver Sucks!   Basking in a sea of red   Arrowhead is one of the loudest.
The upper deck is not so bad.   Honoring our veterans ...   This place clears out quick
  Arrowhead Stadium  
Tough loss, but our spirits are still high.   Loved these Canadian Questers wearing the "I'm with Dick" T-Shirts   Arrowhead Stadium delivers
  Quest for 31 in Kansas City   Kansas City Chiefs Stadium
The free Mrs. Baird's Honey Whole Grain White   Another Stadium down on The Quest   Stadium #15 - Arrowhead Stadium
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Dan from St. Louis Hey, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your experience. I am a big Chiefs fan supplanted in St. Louis, and I was at that game. Yes, it was quite a disappointment. I happened to go to a game on my birthday in 2009 and my fiance told people around us that it was. I was getting food offers left and right! Needless to say, KC fans are very gracious and hospitable. Next time you go, try a Boulevard Bully Porter (brewed locally) with a Coleman Natural Bratwurst. Doesn't get any better! Cheers

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