Stadium #11
Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles Stadium
December 18, 2011
45 - 19 Win

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  Stadium Vitals
Built: 2003
Capacity:  68,532 seats
Playing Surface: Natural Grass
Draft Beer: $6.50
Hot Dog: $4.75
Cheesesteak: $8.50
Stadium Parking: $25.00
Lincoln Financial Field Address
1020 Pattison Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Get Directions 

Stadium Review
- Lincoln Financial Field

As an NFL fan, I have always been fascinated by the incredible skill set of the incomparable Michael Vick. His pocket presence, elusiveness, and downfield passing have amazed me time and time again, as I tune in on my DirecTV package anxious to see what he might do next. I first saw Vick in person during the inaugural year of the Quest for 31. It was 2006 and I was determined, during that first year, to go to Atlanta to see Vick play. He dropped four touchdowns on the Dallas Cowboys in a loss at the Georgia Dome, but Vick's dynamic running ability and strong arm were on display throughout the game. It was awesome. When Michael Vick returned to the league in 2010, reemerging with the Philadelphia Eagles as a more polished passer, I knew I needed to make the trek to Philly to see him again. So in late December I scheduled a trip to see the "Dream Team" take on the New York Jets.

On gameday, we arrived around nine o'clock and the entire stadium area was already buzzing with tailgaters. The parking lots around Lincoln Financial Field are shared with the baseball park and the arena, so there's generally plenty of parking available and tailgating is encouraged. What's unique about Philly is that this massive expanse of blacktop is filled with customized tailgate cruisers. Everything from converted buses, to vans and trucks, to Philadelphia Eagles ambulances can be found all over the lot, and the food Philly fans are cooking up puts much of the league to shame. We decided to track down Mike Young from to sample what true tailgating in the "City of Brotherly Love" is all about. Mike has been setting up his tailgate in Lot D6 next to the Wells Fargo Arena for the last ten years. He started with a converted ambulance, dubbed the "Rescue Tailgate Squad", but soon his tailgates ballooned in popularity and the ambulance became much too small to support his growing needs. Mike's current tailgate cruiser is a custom 1998 International Beer Truck pulling a 12 bay Hackney Trailer. It's known as the "OneCrazyFan Ultimate Tailgate". Inside the trailer he's setup an eleven foot Corian-topped bar accented by two, forty-two inch flatscreens and a full DJ booth. Opening the last bay allows Mike access to his seven-foot long custom grill chafing cart for serving the day's meal. Both can be rolled into place on their nobby tires sittin on chrome rims. Although Mike's setup is impressive, it's his food that gets high marks as far as I'm concerned. We started with some Taco Soup and hot dogs, that were warmed to perfection on his professional grade hotdog roller. The main course was slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with backed beans and smashed redskin potatoes (infused with Philly Cream Cheese and Garlic) and some pasta salad, but fans who tailgate with don't leave for the game empty handed. We were given Mike's patented Philly Cheasesteak hand warmers. Two warm, foil-wrapped mini cheesesteak sandwiches were handed to us as we departed. They kept my hands warm and toasty and made for a great snack ... now that's innovation!

After hanging with Mike and his crew, we headed back to the lot to meet up with Bob Cavanaugh and located in Lot M. What began as a small group of guys huddled around a hybachi grill with a few burnt hotdogs, soon grew into a full time mobile catering business. Bob now makes a living hosting private parties, corporate events and fundraisers by bringing gourmet tailgating to the masses. The three time Jack Daniel's Tailgate Award Winner attracts all types of fans to his space in Lot M and very few walk away unsatisfied. When we arrived, Bob was hard at work standing next to a massive trailered barbecue grill preparing the gameday meal. On the menu were filet mignon sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and sausage links accented with peppers and onions. Bob also prepared some impressive sides including a penne pasta in a cream blush sauce and clams, mussels, and shrimp in a white wine sauce. If you find yourself and one of these events, eat hearty my friends. Cav's tailgate crew was a collection of seasoned Philadelphia Eagles die hards. I spent most of the afternoon standing at the full-sized bar, drinking a Yeugling in the shadow of a very impressive Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree while talking NFL football. The fans were lots of fun and the customized 1987 ford mini school bus really rounded out the tailgate decor. Another impressive tailgate cruiser.

Continuing my travels through the lot, I really wanted to take the time to explore how Philadelphia Eagles fans feel about being labeled among the worst fans in the NFL. Over the years the national media has painted a fairly unflattering picture of Eagles fans. These are the fans that actually hurled snowballs at Santa Claus. They're the stadium that had to establish a fully functional courthouse onsite, so game day offenders could be immediately processed and booked. GQ Magazine actually called Philadelphians "the most monstrous collection of humanity outside of the federal penal system" and this is the "City of Brotherly Love"? Now I've been to Philadelphia for sporting events before and I've never had any issues or seen anything out of the ordinary. I've actually seen much worse in other cities, and as I spoke to Fans in the Philly, many felt that this unfavorable perception is actually unfair. So why do Philly fans continue to carry this black mark on their resume of fandom? Basically because they appear to be a convenient target. That snowball throwing incident occurred in 1968. The courthouse that stands at Lincoln Financial Field is a carryover from the dark times at the old Veterans Stadium. Many in Philadelphia feel that they are continuing to pay for the sins of their fathers and in my opinion it needs to stop ... But I'm just one guy.

I spent the remainder of my tailgating time approaching random groups of fans to sing the Philadelphia Eagles Fight song, "Fly Eagles Fly" with me on camera. It's always an interesting ice breaker as most fans try to size up exactly who you are and try to understand what you're trying to do. I find it's best to approach fans later in the day. By that time they're generally adequately lubricated and more agreeable. I think they sing better too.

Soon it was time to head into the Linc to watch the Michael Vick show, and what a show it was. The Eagles built a 28-0 lead off of three turnovers and after briefly allowing the Jets to creep back into the game before the half, they returned in the second half to strike the final deciding blows. All of my Eagle fight song practice came in handy as the Eagles scored six touchdowns en route to a blowout win over the Jets with a final score of 45-19. Vick was impressive showcasing his trademark elusiveness and pocket presence as he threw for 274 yards and a touchdown while running for a second score. LeSean "Shady" McCoy stole the show however, setting two Philadelphia Eagle team records as he ran for 102 yards on the ground and three touchdowns. It was a dominant win for the E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!

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City of Philadelphia Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Independence Hall & The Liberty Bell
National Constitution Center
Philadelphia Museum of Art & the "Rocky" statue and steps
City Hall Tower

Local Foods:
Philly Cheese Steak
Hoagie, Scrapple, Soft Pretzel

What They're Drinkin':
Yeungling, Manayunk Brewing Company, Kildare's, Stoudt's Pils, Victory Storm King Stout

Tailgating Hotspots:
Parking Lots at the Linc (,,

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Philadelphia
Metro Rail Map (SEPTA)
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map

Local Sports Media:
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Philadelphia Daily News
Popular Bar Districts:
Old City District
Monk's Cafe
Mc Fadden's at Citizens Bank Park

Best Restaurants:
Pat's King of Steaks & Geno's Steaks (9th Street & Passyunk Ave)
Chickie and Pete's (sports bar near the stadium)
Melrose Dinner (South Philadelphia)
Jim's Steaks
Tony Luke's
City Tavern (unofficial meeting place of Washington, Franklin, Adams,
     Jefferson and several other founding fathers)
5 Mayfair Dinner (Northeast)
Brauhaus Schmitz (German)
Penn's Landing

Getting to the Stadium:
The quickest way to Lincoln Financial Field is south along the SEPTA Broad Street Subway Line. Exit at the last southbound stop, Pattison Avenue and the stadium is a short walk away.  There's also plenty of parking at the Linc and some great tailgating, so don't be afraid to drive your car to the stadium.

Where To Stay:
Stay in downtown Philly to be close to the stadium and close to the action. Philadelphia boasts many, many attractions including City Food Tours, the Civil War Museum, and the Morris Arboretum, to name a few. We suggest staying at the Holiday Inn or Shippen Way Inn.

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Phone Number for Tour Hotline: 267-570-4510 (reservation required)
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Areas Covered: Field, Locker Room, Press Box, Club and Suite Levels.


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Ticket Prices: $7 Adults, $5 Seniors, $5 Students (18 and under)
Phone Number for Tour Hotline: 267-570-4510 (reservation required)
Hours: 12 Noon on dates specified (check dates on the website link above)
Areas Covered: Field, Locker Room, Press Box, Club and Suite Levels.

"Yo, Adrian, it's me, Rocky..."   SuperFan Stephanie and the Crew
Nothing Like Christmas in Philly   Tailgating at the Linc   "Fly Eagles, Fly"
Crystal, Amy and myself with Yuletide Cheer   Lincoln Financial Field   Ultimate Eagles Fan, Shaun Young
Getting Ready for Game Time   A Philly Cheesesteak in the Upper Deck   Mike Vick fails to disappoint
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Tom Mitchell from Philadelphia I have lived here my entire life, and seem to have failed the ability to live down the fact that my Grandfather's peers threw snow balls at a drunk man that was pulled out of the stadium to take the place of the santa that never showed up... These are the actions of people that most likely do not attend the game. Furthermore getting heckled in a stadium is completely normal. I have been to Giants stadium a few times in my life, the fanbase there is no different.

Please give it a rest! The fans in San Fransisco, and LA seem to be more violent now a days, and yet still people think that Philadelphia is terrible!

Patrick from Downington
Nice post. I am from Pennsylvania, even though my dad and I are Giant/Packer fans, we cannot go to this stadium anymore. The fans are soo drunk for every single game. They throw snowballs at Santas, throw up on ya (happened to me) and will heckle you so much, its unbearable. If your child or friend is rooting for a team facing the Eagles, please don't take him to the Linc. BTW, the courthouse in the stadium is there... in the basement

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