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My "Must Have" List of
NFL Tailgating Products

Tailgating Canopy in San Diego, CA
Tailgating Canopy

Cooking Turkey with Rotisserie Kit at the Stadium
Rotisserie Kit

Portable Fire Pit
Portable Fire Pit

NFL Barbecue Set
Barbecue Set

Deep Fried Turkey / Seafood Boil
Turkey Fryer / Seafood Boiler

Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating Gazebo
Tailgating Gazebo
The Octo-Funnel

Portable Propane Grill
Portable Propane Grill



NFL Team Pop up Tent
This 8x8 pop up tent is an excellent way mark your territory as well as provide protection from the elements for the NFL tailgater. Compact and designed for easy setup and teardown, the NFL pop-up tent will provide shade from the sun on hot days or shelter from the rain. It can also be outfitted with additional side panels if desired.
Portable Fire Pit 
A fire pit for winter games is a tailgating necessity. Barbecue and charcoal grills can provide warmth at times, but nothing beats the crackle of a hardwood fire burning in your personal fire pit on gameday. We bring a fire pit to every game we attend.

Tailgating Potable Grill 
Every tailgating guru  should own a full-sized portable grill to take to the stadium on gameday.  These fantastic propane grills collapse down to a very manage- able portable package.  Couple this grill with a set of NFL barbecue (BBQ) utensils emblazoned with your Favorite NFL team logo, for an unbeatable tailgating combination.  
Tailgating Rotisserie Kit
I purchased this rotisserie kit last year and Iíve used it on gameday at Ralph Wilson stadium a couple of times. Itís a lightweight, compact 110-volt rotisserie kit that can be adapted to any grill. I use a cigarettelighter power inverter to make 110-volts from my car and plug in an extension cord to run my rotisserie on gameday to spin the meats all day long. This little guy has made some of the most succulent turkey breasts and roasts Iíve ever eaten. A feast fit for a king..
Turkey Deep Fryer/
Seafood Boiler

You havenít lived until you tasted a deep-fried turkey or roast. By flash cooking these massive meats in your vegetable oil of choice, all of the juices that normally fall out leaving the meat dry are sealed in for a moist, delicious main course. The Turkey fryer can also be used for seafood boils, chilies, and chowders.  I had a Shrimp boil in Jacksonville, FL with "Slap Ya Mama" cajun spices - fantastic!
  Tailgating Flagpole 
Mark you territory with this extendable tailgating flagpole kit that accommodates up to two 3' x 5' flags.  this tailgaters kit includes the collapsable flagpole-to-go and Tailgater's tire mount.  Strong aluminum construction makes this product a fantastic accent to any tailgating party.
  NFL Team Tailgate Toss  
Show up on Sunday with the ultimate Tailgate Toss game.  Stadium Tailgating's hottest Bean Bag Toss game is just a couple clicks away.

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