Stadium #13
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, CA
San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders
San Diego "Super" Chargers Stadium
October 14, 2007
28 - 14 Win

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See my other visit to
Qualcomm Stadium:

SD -  May 17, 2007


  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1967
Capacity: 71,500 seats
Playing Surface: Natural Grass  
Draft Beer: $8.00
Hot Dog: $7.00
Stadium Parking: 
Stadium Address

9449 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 641-3100
Get Directions

Stadium Review
- The Powder Blues

My adventure that was the Quest for Stadium #13, Qualcomm Stadium, in San Diego, CA actually began in San Francisco.  I flew into San Francisco and ended up renting a car so I could drive down to San Diego to watch as the visiting Oakland Raiders were in town to take on the San Diego “Super” Chargers. This matchup is a huge interstate rivalry, with old school Los Angeles Raider fans and even older school, Oakland Raider fans that annually make the trek to represent Raider Nation in Qualcomm Stadium. The car rental agency, much to my surprise, provided me with a Pontiac G5 that happened to be San Diego “Super” Charger YELLOW in color.  So for the drive, I picked up some San Diego Charger badging for the doors and front hood, and the race down Pacific Coast Highway (US-1) to San Diego ensued.

San Diego Chargers StadiumMy compatriots for this crusade were a couple of Michigan boys.  Jason and Marty were in Las Vegas for an IT conference that weekend.  So utilizing my intense powers of persuasion, it took very little convincing to get them to fly out to join me in San Diego.  I believe it was about a 30-second conversation where geographic locality combined with a set of two extra tickets to produce two additional, more than willing, San Diego Charger fans.  I picked up the boys at the San Diego airport at 9:10 am on gameday.  As I pulled up to the curb, the arrival lane was mobbed with Charger and Raider fans looking to pickup their visiting brethren.  My SD G5 coupe, which was decked out in “thunder bolts and lightning”, was there to greet the boys as they stepped out of the terminal, and oh yes my friends, it was indeed blasting a copy of the San Diego Super Chargers Song that I had downloaded a couple days earlier.  Our first move was back to the home of Marty and Sharon who hosted us for the day as they actually live within walking distance of the stadium.  Special thanks to the two of them for opening their home to a few Quest for 31 devotees.

The atmosphere at Qualcomm Stadium was reminiscent of a college football environment. Fans began tailgating at 7:30am as Charger and Raider logos appeared on everything that drove by.  Tailgating tents were up, barbecues were out, and alcoholic beverages flowed like natural springs …a sure catalyst for uncontrolled mayhem.  Surprisingly enough, the San Diego Police department along with additional stadium security maintained order and still allowed everyone to have a great time.  Raider Nation was there in full force and Charger fans quickly locked horns to aggressively debate their chances for a landslide victory during the contest at hand.  One Raider fan, whose enthusiasm could not be contained, shouted himself into actually blacking out right at the gate.  As stadium officials were being called over, his buddy tried to revive him, for a moment considering the administration of mouth to mouth.  He instead elected to slap his friend in the face until he came to. 

Qualcomm Stadium itself is a fairly antiquated facility. The concourses are uncomfortably tight as concessions lines spill into the aisle way blocking all traffic in the upper deck. The bathroom facilities are limited at best, and their unimpressive Jumbotron seems no larger than the flat screen TV in my living room.  Major renovations are clearly required if this stadium is to be considered even among average stadiums in the National Football League. Their lack of commitment to the disco-themed San Diego Super Chargers song is also appalling.  What happened to tradition? (see my previous review)

The San Diego Chargers were sporting their throwback powder blue uniforms (I’m still lobbying for a return to the powder blues on a permanent basis) and could not be denied as the Raiders were dominated at the line of scrimmage by number 21, LaDanian Tomlinson. LT was on fire against this Raiders team as he racked up 198 yards on 24 carries and victimized the Raiders run defense for 4 rushing touchdowns. Jason, Marty and I championed the Super Chargers cause and inspired them to a 28 – 14 victory over the visiting Oakland Raiders. Those San Diego Super Chargers did indeed seem poised to regain their AFC west crown.


For more information on the city of San Diego, CA check out my other reviews by clicking on the links below:
May 17, 2007 - Qualcomm Stadium Recon Visit

City of San Diego Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Stone Brewing Co. Tour

Local Foods:

What They're Drinkin':
Alpine Ale, Lost Abbey Duck-Duck-Gooze, anything made by Stone Brewing Co.

Tailgating Hotspots:

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of San Diego
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Fan Forum:
The Official San Diego Chargers Forum

Local Sports Media:
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Popular Bar Districts:
Gaslamp Quarter
30th Street (Hamilton's Tavern, Linkery Restaurant, Tornado)

Best Restaurants:
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Getting to the Stadium:
Qualcomm Stadium has a massive parking lot surrounding it with plenty of game day spaces available, but you need to get there early to get into the lot.  My advice is to drive down there and hang out in the lot several hours before game time to tailgate with the locals.

Where To Stay:
San Diego is an amazing city with a thriving nightlife.  Definitely plan on staying downtown to take it all in.  I would suggest the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego or the Westgate Hotel for lodging in the downtown area.

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  Quest for 31 in San Diego, CA   San Diego Charger Tailgating
Martin, our weekend host   The Pontiac G5 with thunder bolts   Tailgating with Charger Fans
Raider Nation came to represent   A Raider road Trip Vehicle   A San Diego Charger Luchador
Jason, Marty, and myself   The Raider Nation had a tough day   Section UV54 in the upper deck
San Diego Charger Fans   Oakland Raider fans at Qualcomm Stadium  
San Diego Super Chargers - Charge!   Oakland Raider fans were everywhere   With the game in hand, the fans cleared out
San Diego Charger Staium   San Diego Charger Stadium Tour   Qualcomm Stadium
How about that Powder Blue!   Clippert and I celebrating a Charger win   Stadium #13 - Qualcomm Stadium
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