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What is the Quest for 31®?
In commemoration of his 31st year on the planet, NFL Super Fan, Hans Steiniger, noted the parallelism between his age at the time and the number of Football Stadiums located around the country and he challenged himself to see a game in each one as a fan of the home team.

The Quest for 31 began as Hans started attending home games in NFL Stadiums other than Ralph Wilson Stadium, which is located in his hometown of Buffalo, New York. He marveled at how the home team experience in each NFL city differs as one travels across the league, as it is heavily influenced by geography, weather, and local culture creating a truly unique gameday atmosphere in each region of the country. The Quest for 31 therefore quickly evolved into a city by city personal research project on the home team experience across the National Football League. To that end, Hans immerses himself into local NFL culture by purchasing a home team NFL jersey for each city and tailgating in stadium parking lots with hometown fans, devouring local foods, and drinking locally brewed beers. Hans is searching for a well-rounded, typical gameday experience for all 32 NFL teams, and his website,, is dedicated to bringing these experiences to the masses.

Each area of the country has its own local traditions that are observed by NFL fans contributing to the uniqueness of the NFL experience provided. However, it usually takes an outsider, someone unfamiliar with the norm to recognize what's typically taken for granted and highlight what makes that area great. That's what he is. Hans is the Green Bay Packer fan wearing a head of cheese at Lambeau Field. He's the Terrible Towel waver eating a Primanti Bros sandwich at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. He's the Cincinnati Bengals fan so hopped up on Skyline Chili and local brews that he belts out the theme to "WKRP in Cincinnati" in the upper deck at Paul Brown Stadium. He's the guy who's barking in the Dawg Pound at Cleveland Browns Stadium. He's the Kansas City Chiefs fan, giggling to himself every time they fire up the "Tomahawk Chop Chant" due to the political incorrectness of it all. He’s the stranger clad in Maroon and Gold that approaches randoms outside FedEx Field to sing “Hail to the Redskins!” on camera (Best Fight Song in the League). He's the Oakland Raider fan in full makeup wearing chrome-spiked forearm guards to complete his transformation into the JokerRaider. And yes, Hans is the die hard Buffalo Bills fan, cooking up a veritable tailgaters feast, using hand tools and garden implements with Kenny “Pinto Ron” Johnson. Hans is every fan. He's the guy who's most excited by the prospect of immersion into local NFL fandom, and in the discovering what makes each NFL team’s fans the best in the league. Feel free to share in his exploits at each of the 31 NFL Football Stadiums around the league by starting with the button labeled NFL Stadium Reviews.

Tips for Traveling to Other NFL Stadiums & Cities, is setup to be the Ultimate Gameday Resource for NFL fans who are interested in traveling to a foreign NFL Stadium. As you click through the NFL Stadium Reviews, you will notice that each review is setup with all the information you might need to effectively plan an incredible stadium visit. Everything from recommended hotels, to Cheap NFL Tickets, stadium directions, and all of the "can't miss" points of interest that visitors have to hit while in town can be found on each Stadium Review page. Included below are some tricks of the trade that one learns after traveling to every Stadium in the NFL en route to completing the Quest for 31.

  • Get yourself a good NFL Schedule (arranged both by NFL Week and by NFL Team) and a user-friendly Time and Distance Chart that will tell you how long it will take to drive between NFL cities.
  • Compare NFL Ticket Prices at each of the team pages on this site to get the best deal on Cheap NFL Tickets.
  • Check our NFL City Information section located after each Stadium Review for recommendations on the best local restaurants, bars, and beers.
  • As Gameday approaches, be sure to monitor the NFL Weather forecast that can be found on the Stadium Review page for the NFL City you’ll be traveling to.
  • Tell us about your experience by filling in our Comment Section after each Stadium Review and register your quest on the Quest for 31 Leaderboard by clicking here.

What's on This NFL Stadiums Site? has everything an NFL fan needs to support their home team or plan a trip to an unfamiliar NFL Stadium.  On this site you'll find everything from Cheap NFL Tickets, to Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, to NFL Stadium Tour Information.  Our Stadium Reviews Tab contains all of the reviews from the Quest for 31.  The Tailgating and Tools Tab contains, resources for gameday tailgaitng and roadtrip planning along with some unique fan resources.  Check out our YouTube Videos to follow Hans on his many journeys around the NFL and check in on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to Date information on the Quest for 31.

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Arrowhead Stadium

Heinz Field

HHH Metrodome

Gillette Stadium

Everbank Field

Lucas Oil Stadium

Raymond James Stadium

Sports Authority Field

Soldier Field
Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers   Oakland Raiders McAfee Coliseum Alltel Stadium - Jacksonville Jaguars   Qwest Field - Seattle Seahawks
Lambeau Field Coliseum      Alltel Stadium   Qwest Field
2011 Games on the Quest for 31
and Frozen Pond Pilgrimage

Sunday September 18, 2011 - Bank of America Stadium
Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers 1:00pm

Sunday November 6, 2011 - Ralph Wilson Stadium
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills 1:00pm

Sunday, December 4, 2011 - Heinz Field
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers - 1:00pm

Monday, December 5, 2011 - Consol Energy Center
Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins - 7:00pm

Saturday, December 17, 2011  - Wells Fargo Center
Boston Bruins at Phildelphia Flyers - 1:00pm

Sunday, December 18, 2011 - Lincoln Financial Field
NY Jets at Philadelphia Eagles - 4:15pm

        NFL Stadium Review of the Week

The Ultimate Viking Experience

Minnesota Viking fans are some of the most colorful fans in the National Football League. They’re a fanbase with a strong connection to their team which manifests itself on gameday in their embrace of Viking culture, a nod to the strong Scandinavian contingent that chose to settle in the Minnesota region.
In my attempt to better understand what it’s actually like to be a fan of this proud and regal franchise, I was in search of the Ultimate Minnesota Viking Fan Experience. An experience that would take me to a small town located two and a half hours northwest of the twin cities, a place called Crosby, Minnesota. Nestled near the downtown area of this little town, visitors will find the Nordic Inn, a Viking themed bed and breakfast owned an operated by Steinarr the Krazee Viking.

Stepping through the massive oak doors at the entrance to the Nordic Inn is like stepping back in time … a time of wenches and warriors of Vikings and pillaging. Upon entering, guests exchange their worthless US currency for Kronars, the exclusive leather coin currency (Click here for the remainder of this review)
          Highlighted Feature of the Week

Cheap NFL Tickets

Based upon my travels to multiple NFL stadiums attending NFL games throughout the football season, I've been asked by many where I get my NFL tickets. Or more specifically how do I get cheap NFL tickets?  Well, in attending more than sixty games in stadiums across the country over the last four years, you get rather adept at identifying NFL ticket sources and more specifically locating the places where you can get cheap NFL tickets.

I've been most successful buying tickets through TicketCity, StubHub, Razor Gator, or TicketNetwork and I've set up a system of links on each stadium page that allows the user to quickly check and compare between the these online ticket brokers to see who has the best prices. If you are looking for cheap NFL tickets, I would suggest following one of the links below to the NFL tickets links on my site. Compare the prices and feel free to buy NFL Tickets online.

How to Compare NFL Ticket Prices
Before clicking through the Cheap NFL Ticket links  to find tickets for your favorite NFL team, make a note of the coupon codes listed that are available for the online brokers I work with, which will help save some money off your final order.   Some of the coupon codes may not work (due to the expiration
(Click here for the remainder of this feature)



Where is Hans?

Ralph Wilson Stadium - New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills - November 6, 2011
It's been said that, "Nobody circles the wagons, like the Buffalo Bills." Well, the same statement applies to the proud Buffalo Bills fanbase that arrives four hours prior to kickoff to participate in a time-honored tradition that Bills fans excel at ... the tradition of gameday tailgating. Ralph Wilson Stadium's suburban location in Orchard Park, New York, with its massive expanse of blacktop parking, has served as an ideal epicenter for promoting the culture of putting meat to flame. On gameday throughout the season, loyal Bills fans pack into the lot to begin the pregame ritual of Barbecue, Beer, and Buds. Tailgating is engrained in our youth and has evolved into an integral part of the gameday experience, and Bills fans have gained a reputation throughout the league as one of its premiere tailgating communities. Innovators like Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson, whose nationally recognized tailgate cooking practices (involving the use of garden implements and hand tools), continue to set the bar high for the rest of the league and serve as an example to Bills fans of what we can aspire to be..  
The Buffalo Bills organization has also done their part to enhance the gameday experience for its fans and the establishment of the Camper lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium is a prime example of this commitment. The Camper lot or RV lot has been around for over 20 years and is a one-of-a-kind in terms of fan gameday amenities. Buffalo Bills fans are actually permitted to park their recreational vehicles and campers onsite in a parking lot across the street from the stadium as early as Saturday morning for Sunday home games. The lot opens at 8:00am and fans can spend the day barbecuing and drinking their favorite adult beverages of choice, right up through gametime on Sunday for a very reasonable early entry fee of $50.00. In addition, the Buffalo Bills have built a permanent brick and mortar shower and bath facility at the camper lot known as the Comfort Station. Located at the rear corner of the Camper Lot, the Comfort station is heated and maintained by a cleaning crew throughout the weekend. Fans can take hot showers and prepare for gameday in a clean, heated facility after a long night of pregame celebration.
(Click here for the remainder of this review)

Quest for 31 Map of NFL Stadiums in US
The Quest for 31 Stadium Map

Georgia Dome - Atlanta Falcons   Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Heinz Field - Pittsburgh Steelers
Georgia Dome     Raymond James Stadium    Ford Field   Heinz Field

Soldier Field

Dolphin Stadium

RCA Dome

LP Field

Univ. of Phoenix Stadium

Reliant Stadium
Quest for 31 RoundBall RoadTrip Frozen Pond Pilgrimage
Quest for 31 LogoThe Quest for 31 was the inaugural journey of Hans Steiniger in an effort to truly understand the home team experience in every NFL city in the country. Striving to immerse himself in local NFL culture, Steiniger tailgates with home town fans, dons a home team jersey, and looks for local food and brew to satisfy his hunger cravings while on the road. His Quest for 31 serves as a road map for other aspiring NFL thrill seekers who wish to travel to foreign stadium territory. With cheap NFL tickets links, city information, and stadium reviews, Hans hopes to assist anyone else that's interested in a similar journey. Roundball RoadTrip LogoThe Roundball Roadtrip is Hans Steiniger's crusade to see an NBA game in every arena in the National Basketball Association. Building upon the road map that was developed as part of his Quest for 31, Steiniger looks to include additional sports towns (those that might not have an NFL franchise) along with the other collected works in his triple website road trip guide for sport fans. The NBA culture from city to city differs greatly as one moves around the country and the Roundball Roadtrip is dedicated to bringing these differences to light. With a knack for seeking out cheap NBA tickets, Steiniger will look to assist others in their own NBA trek. Frozen Pond Pilgrimage LogoThe Frozen Pond Pilgrimage is the third in a series of professional sports travel guides that takes SuperFan Hans Steiniger to a game in every arena in the National Hockey League. With a proven approach and a professional sports fan resume that's more than impressive, Steiniger will take the frozen pond plunge in order to understand how the multinational dynamic of the NHL which includes several cities in Canada has an effect on the game. Forging relationships with several online brokers over the years, Steiniger offers an opportunity for fans to find cheap NHL tickets through the exact same avenues he uses on his many travels.
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