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A Tribute to NFL Super-Fans


NFL Super Fan Hans SteinigerThousands of individuals take to 31 NFL venues located throughout the continental United States to show patronage to their NFL franchise of choice. Many come with wearing team colors, paraphernalia, or jerseys. Some tote signage, such as the block letter D and the card board fence or a personal message conveying their support or utter disgust for the product that's put out on the field. Some fans, such as the Pittsburgh Steeler fans bring the imposing Terrible Towels, or dog biscuits to pelt players with as they do in Cleveland. They flock to immense coliseums reminiscent of the original Roman stadium built for the gladiators of the ancient world.  But for all the solidarity of the masses, there is a select few who go above and beyond their personal call of duty. They take NFL fandom to another level, epitomizing the true nature of what it is to be a fanatic. Some become synonymous with their respective franchise, such as the Barrel Man in Denver or Fireman Ed in New York. I call these trail blazers, these inspirational holders of the torch, these mavericks with little regard for the opinions of others, the NFL Super-Fan.

In my travels throughout the National Football League, I have met these people. Ive been inspired by their sacrifice, by their spirit, by their love of the game. With their facepaint, mohawks, costumes, and accessories they do their part as the twelfth man on gameday to lead the masses in support of their team. They are our leaders. They are our spokesman. They are our friends. These so-called Super-Fans are normal folks like you and I that express intense support of their NFL team in their own unique way. Approachable and affable, these are the ultimate NFL fans you want to sit and have a beer with on gameday. The Pro Football Hall of Fame at one time recognized these individuals with a yearly induction into the now defunct VISA Hall of Fans, but no longer. Therefore, I would like to pay tribute to those that heed the call of the franchise in their city. Those that seek to inspire their contemporaries and continue to foster optimism when things look their bleakest. Through sunshine, rain, and extreme weather, they show up on gameday to do their part and for this reason, they are recognized below.

  The PackalopeTM
Larry Primeau,
  Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk
Jeff and DeDe Schumaier
  Spiking Viking
Patrick Olsen,
  Dawg Pound Mike
Dawg Pound Mike,
  Commissioner of Tailgating
Joe Cahn,
  Lady Titan
Lady Titan,
  Mr. Titan
Wayne Vandevort,
  The Bearman
Don Wachter
  Kingsford Kirk
Kirk Bronson
  Who Dey Baby, Shawn Moore
  The Hoggettes
  The Tailgate Knight, Adam Goldstein

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