Stadium #19 Coliseum
Oakland,  CA
Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders Stadium
September 8, 2008
41 - 14 Loss

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See my other visit to
McAfee Coliseum:

StadiumTour- April 19, 2007


  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1966
Capacity: 63,122 seats
Playing Surface: Natural Grass   
Draft Beer:      
Hot Dog:
Stadium Parking: $25.00 Coliseum
Stadium Address

7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 569-2121
Get Directions

Stadium Review
- "The Jokeraider
My excursion to tackle stadium number nineteen on the Quest for 31 took me to Oakland, California, home and head- quarters of Raider Nation - some of the rowdiest, most rabid fans in the National Football League. Raider fans are generally respectful of visitors, but if you plan to wear an opponent's colors, be ready for some of the most vile and vicious verbal assaults to be tossed in your direction.  Most of these, of course, will feature a colorful collection of expletives just to drive their point home. Raider Nation is a proud union of die-hards so best believe that every member encountered will make you well aware that visitors are not welcome at Coliseum. Now on the other hand, if you join the collective, your acceptance is immediate and any verbal javelins you happen to toss at visiting fans will be met with hearty laughs and a handshake - what a bunch of sweethearts.  In all seriousness, it is friendly ribbing and fans keep it under control.

Jokeraider at McAfee ColiseumThe Raiders home opener at  Coliseum was to take place on Monday Night Football beginning at 7:15pm local time. So as soon as we could prepare our Raider garb, which for me meant transforming myself into the JOkeRaiDer, my fraternity brother Marion and I headed to the parking lot to experience the shock and awe of Raider Nation ...and  we were not disappointed. Our tailgating celebration began at 1:00pm and the parking lot was already alive with Raider fans that were well into multiple servings of their beverage of choice. Parking attendants position each car as you enter the lot and Raider fans fill the aisles with pop-up tents, full sized grills, and flat screen TV's. The aisle ways are abuzz with debauchery.  Everything you would expect from the mighty Raider Nation ... beer bongs, swilling contests, beer pong, and that certain unmistakable odor characterizing the "free love" generation are all well represented. The west side of the stadium appeared to be the more family friendly area A pic with Raider Nation(if that's possible), while the east side had it's own certain charms reserved for more seasoned individuals. Marion and I immediately took to the lot to mingle with some of Raider Nation's finest and find out what they had cooking.  As always, a plethora of fantastic meats were being set to flame as is the tradition that harkens back to man's cave dwelling days and Raider fans have it down to a science.  Homemade pig roasters, Raider Trailers and RV's littered the south side of the lot as the pros setup shop. We even popped in on NFL Super fan and Hall of Famer "Kingsford Kirk" escorted by the esteemed commissioner of Tailgating himself, Mr. Joe Cahn.

Our tailgate was sponsored by some of the fine folks from, the preeminent Raider Fan forum on the world wide web. Jeff, Jerry, and the crew from came through in providing the the finest tailgating experience that Raider Nation could offer, with pulled pork sandwiches, grilled meatsWhy so Serious, Raider Nation?, and a wide selection of rare local microbrews. These guys were on top it; as we had full beer glasses the entire day and full bellies by the time we left. Our seats were in the upper deck, but they weren't bad at all.  I got a great deal on tickets through  The Oakland Raiders themselves did not fare as well, taking one on the chin later that evening as we suffered through a 41 - 14 drubbing at the hands of the visiting Denver Broncos.  Well with Week One in the books, I look forward to a great Quest for 31 season and for the Raiders to regroup, as this young team finds it's way back to NFL glory.  RAAAAAAAAI-DEEEEEEEERs!  I'm definitely looking forward to my return!

For more information on the city of Oakland, CA check out my other reviews by clicking on the links below:
NFL: April 19, 2007 - Coliseum Stadium Tour
City of Oakland Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
African American Museum and Library
Jack London Cabin / History Walk
Chabot Space and Science Center

Local Foods:

What They're Drinkin':

Tailgating Hotspots:
East side of Oakland Coliseum

Local Sports Media:
The Oakland Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle

Where To Stay:
Honestly, its tough to recommend a place to stay in Oakland.  With San Francisco right across the bay and all the things to see and do there, my suggestion is that you take the Bay Bridge and stay in San Francisco.  Oakland isn't exactly the safest spot or the most picturesque.
Popular Bar Districts:
Ricky's Sports Theater and Grill - the ultimate pregame headquarters for
    Raider Nation
Downtown (Luka's Taproom & Lounge, Flora's, The Trappist, Golden Bear,
    Cato's Ale House)

Best Restaurants:
Downtown (Flora, Pizzaiolo, Wood Tavern, Oliveto Restaurant, Commis)

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Oakland
Metro Rail Map (BART)
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Oakland Raiders Fan Forum -

Getting to the Stadium:
Drive to the parking lot on gameday for some of the best tailgating you'll find in the National Football League.  It's a very colorful crowd that comprises Raider Nation and there's nothing like being here in person to truly experience it first hand. Coliseum is also accessible by the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART). Taking BART you can directly enter the Coliseum Complex from the BART Station/Coliseum ramp.

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Raider Nation Tailgating   Oak-Town's Finest   Joe Cahn, our esteemed Commissioner.
Finally among my people   Some of Oak-town's finest   Joe Cahn, Commissioner of Tailgating
The Firefighters of Raider Nation   Kingford Kirk's Krew   Quest for 31 and Kingsford Kirk
Those Firemen knew how to grill   Kingsford Kirk's Krew   Hall of Famer Kingsford Kirk
La Familia Tailgating   Raider Nation One
The Family that Tailgates together ...   Travis and Leonard's Raider Nation One
Denver Broncos fans in Oakland?   Tailgating Debauchery   The Dark Side - Oakland Raiders
I respect these guys for showing up   I prefer the East Side of the Stadium   The Dark Side
Hangin' with the fellas from   Gametime Approaches on Oakland   Raider Fans
The Boyz from   Gametime looms...   Time for another beer
300 level at McAfee Coliseum   Victory in Oakland!   the Jokeraider
Me and Merl ready for some football   RAAAAAAAAI   DEEEEEEEERS!!!   This Dude was alright
Marion and I shutting it down     Until next time Raider Nation...
Tough loss but we remain steadfast   The Jokeraider ready for action   Until Next Time Raider Nation ...
Please feel free to post any suggestions or comments you might have for my journey to Coliseum, including the following:
 - Local Hotspots (Bar Districts, Restaurants, Clubs)
               - Local Foods (Traditional Cuisine, Micro Brews)
               - Tailgating Traditions
               - Your Experiences or Helpful Hints

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From: Kenny Reuter from Waterloo Iowa
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 2:47 PM
  I would say that my son and I are the biggest RAIDERS fans ever.  But I know that there's alot of us. Our dream is to make to Cali for a game.  Well - WE'RE COMING!!!!! Sept. 14th game against the Chargers. We can't wait!!!! Any suggestions on good hotels and ways to meet the players. Please
let me know.
    From: mike matthews from Oaktown
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 14:16:10 EST
  whats up hans.we meet and my tailgate on monday.
    From: Leonard Semas, the Raiders fan from Manteca, CA
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 23:08:20 EST
  Thanks for representing us on your web site! We enjoyed the visit and you guys are more than welcome next year. Check out web site for more photos of our Raider Nation One Tailgate Trailer. raidernationone com    

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