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The Great American Road Trip

Houston, TX

Kansas City, MO

Jacksonville, FL

Dallas, TX

Buffalo, NY

Detroit, MI

Glendale, AZ

Indianapolis, IN

Pittsburgh, PA


  I am a huge fan of the great American road trip, as an great NFL fan would be.   So as the price of gasoline continues to skyrocket, the NFL road trip may soon be replaced by the NFL plane ticket, but there’s still something magical about being on the road and driving to NFL stadiums all over the country. As an NFL fan, a road trip may be your way  to follow your team or to see what NFL fans are like in other NFL cities, but either way, taking an NFL road trip can be made much easier with a couple of tools. This is why I’ve developed my NFL Road Trip Planner. On this site you’ll find an NFL Mileage chart that calculates the distance between any two NFL cities in one of two ways; my NFL Mileage Charts calculate this distance in terms of the mileage between two NFL cities and in terms of the approximate time of travel between the two cities.  Simply click on the thumbnails below to print up a copy of each NFL Mileage Chart and follow the grid to figure out the distance between the two NFL cities and the time of travel. If you wish to post these on another website, feel free to do so, however please post a link back to my site in return.  

Distance Between NFL Cities

Distance Between NFL Cities - Miles

Distance in Miles

Distance Between NFL Cities - Hours

Distance in Hours

On my Quest for 31, I’ve driven to most of the NFL stadiums I’ve visited, pushing my 1997 Ford Explorer well past the 240,000 mile mark on several cross-country road trips. I've since retired the Explorer and continue the trip rolling in a 2007 Hummer H3.  But whether you're driving in a Hummer or cruisin' in a more fuel-friendly SmartCar, there’s no better way to see our country and meet all types of interesting people than with an NFL road trip. If you’re planning an NFL road trip you’ll also need an NFL schedule and a source for cheap NFL tickets. In my experience, the best way to get tickets is to compare ticket prices among several sources, so I’ve set up a system of links that compare NFL Ticket prices from a variety of sources and show you the NFL Ticket “Face Value” for the tickets you’re buying. This way you’ll know right away if you’re being cheated or if you’re getting a bargain. To access these features, simply go to the NFL Stadium webpage for the NFL team you’re trying to see and scroll down to the NFL Ticket Comparator area. Road trips are also about gear, NFL tailgating gear. For this I offer a couple suggestions on my Tailgating “Must Haves” page – definitely worth a look for the true NFL Fan.

Another important tool I would suggest utilizing in planning your NFL Road Trip for all great Americans is a good 2013 NFL Schedule.  If you're planning a road trip to multiple stadiums, it is extremely important to know who is playing each week and where they're playing.  To that end, I've developed a Quest for 31 2013 NFL Schedule that is arranged both by each NFL Team and by each NFL week.  Therefore from week to week or from team to team, NFL Road Trippers can remain abreast of the potential games going on throughout their trip.  There have been  several times that as I drove through an area, I added an extra game to the schedule based on geography or a convenient gametime.  Having a schedule on hand at all times is a very handy asset.

2011 NFL Team Schedule
2014 NFL Team Schedule

2011 NFL Weekly Schedule
2014 NFL Schedule by Week

As you can clearly see I'm a bit of a road trippin' fool.  You kind of have to be to do what I do, but with my trusty ford Explorer and a full tank of gas I'm good to go anywhere in the nation at any time.  To set out and accomplish a goal like the Quest for 31, your job becomes much easier with the appropriate tool set.  much like what I've assembled here on this page.  You need a great set of road maps or a GPS to guide you, but before setting out, plan your course utilizing an NFL City Mileage Matrix like the one I've developed.  the other Road Tripping necessity is a good NFL schedule and a source for cheap NFL tickets.   It's easy to see that I've setup me entire website in order to expedite the process of multiple NFL venue visitation.  So take advantage of these tools, that's what they're there for, just please if you post them on a website, post a link back to my homepage so everyone knows where they're from. 


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