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Online NFL Betting

  There are hundreds of websites on the internet promoting their online NFL betting systems or pushing online sportsbooks or online casinos in order to entice NFL fans into adding a little action to their NFL football Sunday.  As with anything else on the internet, many have their own personal agendas.  Some online sportsbooks are reputable and unfortunately some are not.  Some pay off promptly, while others won't pay at all.  I've done my fair share of working NFL betting lines to accentuate the Sunday afternoon experience.  At times I've been known to place a wager here or there to make the Sunday games more than just fantasy football fodder.  So I decided to setup a page dedicated to online NFL betting so others might benefit from my own personal experience on the world wide web.

Contained on this site is a set of constantly updating real-time NFL betting lines from each of my top rated online sportsbooks.  I've put a lot of time into researching which sportsbooks pay promptly, offer the best lines, and provide the best customer service.  Each sportsbook below has had the esteemed pleasure of absorbing some of my own personal funds from time to time, as I have tried each one.   If I didn't have a good experience, the sportsbook would not appear below.  If you have any issues with any of the sportbooks below, shoot me an e-mail and I'll get it corrected.  The sportsbooks below represent online wagering sites that I have not had a bad experience with or heard of any issues from existing players.  If you've had a different experience, contact me and I'll pull them.  To begin, simply click on the logo of the sportsbook and setup an account. 

Decoding NFL Betting Lines for the Novice
The cryptic terminology of online sportsbooks can be difficult to navigate if one fails to understand some simple terms.  The following section is intended for those not well acquainted with the fine art of online NFL betting to better acclimate yourself to some of the terms that are loosely thrown around in betting circles.

Point spread - A point spread is an adjustment to the final score in a given contest based on the number of points that oddsmakers or online casinos predict the favored team will win by.  The use of point spreads is intended to equalize the playing field in each contest in order to encourage the placement of wagers for both the favored team and the underdog. Points spreads, also known as "the line" or "the spread", are set by taking a number of factors into consideration including game day conditions, injuries, previous head to head matchups or the number of wagers placed on each side of the line. Points spreads are not set in stone until your wager is placed and may fluctuate through the end of the contest. Wagers can be placed for either the favorite or the underdog. In order to win your wager for the favorite, this team must win the game and their margin of victory must be greater than the set point spread. Wagers for the underdog are won, if the underdog wins, ties, or the favored team wins but fails to exceed the number of points set by the point spread (also known as "failure to cover the spread"). In each given line, the favorite is always indicated by a minus sign in front of the point spread (i.e. -3.5) and the underdog without it (i.e. 3.5). For example, given a NFL football contest between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills with the Patriots at  (-10.5) and a final scored of 24-14 New England. In this case, if you bet the Patriots, even though they win, because they failed to cover the spread, you would lose.

Money Line - Also known as "line betting", a money line is generally used in  baseball and hockey in place of a point spread. For contests utilizing a money line, wagers are placed based on a given dollar value rather than a point spread.   Placing a money line bet means wagering on a team to win regardless of the final score. A money line with a minus sign indicates the amount of money one must wager for the favorite in order to win $100.00. A money line without a minus sign indicates the amount of money won on an underdog wager for every $100.00 bet. For example, placing a $125.00 bet for the favorite on a money line of (-125), nets the winner $100.00. Placing an underdog bet on a money line of (130) means that winning a $100.00 wager on the underdog, nets $130.00. Money lines are used in Baseball and Hockey because the teams play until a winner is decided and therefore there are no ties in either sport.

Over / Under - The over-under is a numerical value set by the oddsmakers to predict a specific statistic for a given contest. In many cases betting the over/under refers to the total number of points that sportsbooks expect will be scored throughout the game including overtime. Wagers are placed on whether or not the total number of points scored will be over or under this value. Over-under betting in football can apply to any statistical category, such as the number of yards gained by the starting running back, the number of touchdowns scored in a game, or the number of yards an opponent's offense is held to. Placing wagers on the point spread or money line is called betting "sides" (ie betting that one side or the other in any given contest will win). Betting the over/under is usually referred to as betting "totals".

The following is a set of common terms or phrases that might be encountered in NFL Online betting:

ATS - ATS stands for "Against the spread"

Favorite - In terms of sports betting, the favorite is the team deemed by bookmakers to have a better chance of winning the contest.  Also known as the "Chalk".

Futures - Futures are wagers that are made well in advance of the actual event, based on very early point spreads or money lines. A prime example would be betting on the outcome of the Super Bowl during the NFL regular season when the game's
participants haven't even been decided yet. In most cases futures bets are placed on major events or championships.

Halftime Line - A halftime line is a money line or point spread set for only the first half or second half of a football or basketball game. Wagers can be placed on the score or over-under based solely on the statistics of a half.

Handicapper - A handicapper is someone who studies sport matchups and predicts game outcomes to provide sports picks.

Parlay - In sports wagering, a parlay is a combination bet in which a bet is placed with two or more teams on multiple games. In order to win a parlay bet, all teams must win or cover the spread. Due to the increased risk compounded by the requirement to win multiple games, parlay bets usually have higher payouts.

Past Post - To place a wager after an event has already started.

Take A Price - "Taking a Price" means placing a wager on the underdog in a money line contest.

Take The Points - "Taking the Points" means placing a wager on the underdog in a point spread contest.

Teaser - A teaser is special type of parlay in the which the bettor places a wager on two or more teams where the point spread is adjusted in favor of the bettor in each game. Winning a teaser still requires that all teams win or cover the spread, but because the odds are "teased" in favor of the bettor, the payouts are usually less.
Toss Up - A toss up is a game where the line is too close to pick a winner.

Underdog - In terms of sports betting, the underdog is the team deemed by bookmakers to be at a disadvantage in the contest and have a poorer chance of winning.  Also known as the "Dog".

Vigorish - Also known as "vig" or "juice", the vigorish is the commission paid to a bookmaker on a losing bet. Most often refers to the 11 to 10 football bettors lay on straight bets.

Wise Guy - A wise guys is a sports bettor that has an established reputation for success.

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