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NFL Stadium Reviews:

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NFL Football Stadium Reviews

Gillette Stadium - Houston, TX
Houston, TX

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, MO

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium - Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL

Texas Stadium - Dallas Texas
Dallas, TX

  My journey to 31 stadiums across the National Football League has been a fantastic experience, but the Quest for 31 has morphed into more that just attendance at an NFL football game in a different city each week. Throughout my crusade, I've found that being a home team fan in thirty-one NFL cities across the nation is ripe with unique local traditions and cuisine. The folks down in Jacksonville, Florida have a completely different gameday experience than the folks up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is due to many factors including local weather, culture, and geography, but it's these differences that's inspired me to make my journey about more than just attending a football game. My journey, my Quest for 31 has become a city by city immersive study on the home team experience across the NFL. I discovered very early on that a stadium visit could not truly be dubbed a success without partaking in some regional activities and my Stadium Reviews are meant to capture these local gems for others who might want to begin a Quest for 31 of their own. Start by clicking on the links at the left for a Stadium review complete with pictures and local information which will serve as your ultimate gameday resource.

To get a truly immersive experience in a foreign NFL city, it all begins with the appropriate gameday attire. I make sure to purchase an NFL jersey for each home team I visit and there's several options here. You can buy the jerseys with the number and name silkscreened, you can buy the Chinese knockoffs, but for me there is not substitute for the genuine article. What you want is a Reebok-badged Authentic Series NFL jersey with the name and number sewn on. Reebok makes a truly spectacular jersey that's as close as you can get to what the guys on the field are wearing. Purchasing one of these at a steep discount is a must for the true fan, and I can help with this by the way. The next item on the agenda is to establish a local tailgate. Sure you can bring your own food and tailgate in a rental car, but without interfacing directly with the Super Fans that show up in the parking lot every week, you'll miss out on one of the finest of tailgating experiences, the regional delicacies. Finally, you need tickets, cheap NFL tickets. It just so happens that we can assist with that as well. Click on the links for cheap NFL tickets on my website as I have assembled direct team links to each of the major online ticket brokers allowing users to very easily compare prices in order to get the best possible deal on NFL tickets.

I think you'll clearly see that I've streamlined the process of the foreign stadium visit as you peruse through my NFL stadium Reviews. Over the last several years I've met lots of great NFL tailgaters and passionate local fans. I've seen some great games in NFL venues and I've seen some really bad ones, but the constant interface with our local NFL brethren makes it all worth while. If you have any questions or if I can assist in making your NFL experience truly memorable, don't hesitate to contact me on my website, and if you see me on your NFL city, "Buy me a beer dammit!".
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Ralph Wilson Stadium - Buffalo, NY
Buffalo, NY

Hockey Themed Wedding Invitation

Quest for 31 Timeline

  2006 NFL

8 Games
3 Wins
5 Losses

                                                                                                          DETROIT                                        CINCINNATI               BUFFALO                   TAMPA BAY
                                                                                                      STADIUM #4                                      STADIUM#6             STADIUM#1                STADIUM#2
                                                                                                       BUF vs. DET                                      SD vs. CIN              JAC vs. BUF                  ATL vs. TB
                                                                                                      OCT.15,2006                                    NOV.12,2006           NOV.26,2006              DEC.10,2006 
                                                                                                         17 - 20
WIN                                       49 - 14 LOSS              21 - 24 WIN                  17 - 6 LOSS
                                                                                                                              CHARLOTTE                            GREEN BAY           PITTSBURGH        ATLANTA
                                                                                                                               STADIUM#5                             STADIUM#7            STADIUM#8        STADIUM#9
                                                                                                                               DAL vs. CAR                              NE vs. GB                CLE vs. PIT        DAL vs. ATL
                                                                                                                              OCT.29,2006                           NOV.19,2006            DEC.7,2006       DEC.16,2006 
                                                                                                                                34 - 14 LOSS                             35 - 0 LOSS                27 - 7
WIN          38 - 29 LOSS

2007 NFL

11 Games
8 Wins
3 Losses
                        FOXBORO                             ST. LOUIS                         SEATTLE              KANSAS CITY                             INDIANAPOLIS      CLEVELAND
                    STADIUM #10                      STADIUM#12                  STADIUM#14            STADIUM#15                               STADIUM#17          STADIUM#3
                        SDvs.NE                               ARIvs.STL                       STLvs.SEA                DENvs.KC                                    JACvs.IND               BUFvs.KC
                   SEPT.16,2007                        OCT.7,2007                   OCT.21,2007             NOV.11,2007                                DEC.2,2007             DEC.16,2007
                       38 - 14
WIN                          34 - 31 LOSS                      33 - 6 WIN                  27 - 11 LOSS                                 25 - 28 WIN                  0 - 8 WIN
                  PHILADELPHIA                                                   SAN DIEGO                    BUFFALO                  JACKSONVILLE          BUFFALO
                    STADIUM #11                                                    STADIUM#13                STADIUM#1                  STADIUM#16          STADIUM#1
                       WASvs.PHI                                                         OAKvs.SD                   CINvs.BUF                     BUFvs.JAC              MIAvs.BUF
                    SEPT.17,2007                                                    OCT.14,2007               NOV.4,2007                   NOV.25,2007            DEC.9,2007       
                     12 - 20 LOSS                                                         28 - 14
WIN                   21-33 WIN                        14 - 36 WIN               17 - 38 WIN

2008 NFL

12 Games
6 Wins
6 Losses
SANFRANCISCO         DALLAS                                    MINNEAPOLIS       DETROIT                    CHARLOTTE                 CHICAGO
   STADIUM #18       STADIUM#20                                STADIUM#22      STADIUM#4                   STADIUM#5               STADIUM#25 
        ARIvs.SF                PHIvs.DAL                                   DETvs.MIN         WASvs.DET                  DETvs.CAR                  JACvs.CHI
    SEPT.7,2008        SEPT.15,2008                              OCT.12,2008      OCT.26,2008                 NOV.16,2008                DEC.7,2008
     23 - 13 LOSS           37 - 41
WIN                                     10 - 12 WIN        25 - 17 LOSS                    31 - 22 WIN                   10 - 23 WIN   
      OAKLAND                                                HOUSTON                BUFFALO                          MIAMI                     NASHVILLE                         GLENDALE 
  STADIUM #19                                          STADIUM#21           STADIUM#1               STADIUM#23             STADIUM#24                     STADIUM#26
    DENvs.OAK                                            INDvs.HOU               SDvs.BUF                    SEAvs.MIA                 NYJvs.TEN                          MINvs.ARI
   SEPT.8,2008                                            OCT.5,2008            OCT.19,2008                NOV.9,2008              NOV.23,2008                      DEC.14,2008
    41 - 14 LOSS                                            31 - 27 LOSS             23 - 14
WIN                   21 - 19 WIN                34 - 13 LOSS                        35 - 14 LOSS                  

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