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Free 2013 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Free 2013 Fantasy Football Cheatsheets

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 Earn the Respect of Your Peers with Solid Picks in Every Round 

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      2012 Premium Cheat Sheets
    Ver 10.0  Updated August 31, 2012
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The Ultimate Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet and Draft Prep System

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  • Better than Outdated Fantasy Football Magazines
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For the 2013 Season, the Premium Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets will be provided FREE of charge.  If you are interested in having the periodic updates e-mailed directly to you, simply send us a DONATION by clicking on the button at the left.
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Free 2013 Fantasy Football Cheatsheets Below

The sweet smell of victoryNeed Some Fantasy Draft Help?
Try our 2013 PREMIUM Fantasy Football Cheatsheets Below,
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I've been playing fantasy football since 1995.  When I began playing fantasy football, the internet was very new and fantasy football was not the juggernaut Sunday afternoon activity that it has become in recent years.  I've watched as fantasy football injury reports, draft analysis, and fantasy sleepers have become commonplace on NFL pregame shows.  Dominate your draft with my Cheat Sheet-See SAMPLE  When I began playing, there were no free internet websites available to host your league or calculate fantasy matchups.  NFL gameday statistics were not automatically downloaded and converted into fantasy points to be displayed on a fantasy football league website. 

       "They're clean, laid out in a logical format and color coded by position ... they give give give give
       you the ability to make smart picks deep in the draft. I guarantee you’ll feel prepared,
       organized and relaxed instead of being one of those guys crying "I need more time."
       - JC Lambaria from Flint, MI


We used the Monday and Tuesday editions of USA Today newspaper as our fantasy manifest ... it was expressly written in our fantasy football league bylaws that whatever was printed in USA Today was what we used for our fantasy football gameday statistics.  Our commissioner would spend all day going through the stats in the newspaper and writing in the fantasy points by hand in a matchup table.  It was definitely a time-consuming labor of love.  From these humble beginnings, I grew as a highly successful fantasy football owner.  I've won four fantasy football championships and have played in numerous leagues honing skills over the years that have led to the development of an extremely successful fantasy football draft system.  The fantasy football draft is the key to building a championship calibre team and getting a good free fantasy football cheat sheet can be the key to building this year's contender.  Below are a couple of my free 2010 Fantasy Football Cheatsheets.  You might even look to Read Some Customer Testimonials from people who have used my 2012 Premium Cheatsheet Subscription in the past.  I usually go into the draft war room with an overall player ranking cheat sheet and an NFL team depth chart  when I sit down to draft my fantasy team and therefore I provide an updated set of cheat sheets to all of my subscribers that take you right through the start of the NFL Regular season.
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"Wow that cheat sheet was awesome for
my FF Draft! It really made me look like
I knew what I was doing...thanks!" 
- Beth from San Diego, CA

"I try every year to find this information
located in one place. I am usually successful
in fantasy football but, this will definitely help
even more."  - Scott from Wheeling

"I only had one list to draft from (instead of 3
lists for each position and a bye week
schedule) and I looked like a pro!"
- Sheri from Oceanside, CA

"Cheat sheet came through bigtime, I am very
busy at work and don't have a ton of time
to prep so I am very thankful for these sheets."
- Steve from Warren, MI

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testimonials, Click here.



2013 Premium Fantasy Football Cheatsheets Coming Soon
(The Fantasy Football Cheat sheets below were updated on August 31, 2012)

2012 Ver 10.0 - Fantasy Football Overall Player Ranking Cheat Sheet



2012 Version 10.0 - NFL Team Depth Chart Cheatsheet


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