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Traveling to thirty-one stadiums over the course of several years and tailgating in each venue has led me to meet some of the NFL finest fans.  So whether I've met you out on the road or if your visiting my website, please feel free to sign my guestbook to tell me what you think of my most noble quest or this website.  Thank you for stopping by and if there is anything I can do to be of assistance to you on your own Quest for 31 journey, please let me know.
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Shane Mike from New Orleans, Louisiana   It was a blast meeting you and partying in Miami for the Superbowl over the weekend! I think you have done an amazing thing and give inspiration for many people... I've sent you the pictures we took hope you enjoy! WHO DAT!!!
From: Tommy Savoie from New Orleans   Hans, It's me Tommy, I met u in Miami at the Superbowl...Tommy and Alex!! It was great to get to meet you, i wish we would have had more time to hang out and talk football!! But hey, WE WERE AT THE SUPERBOWL!! Unbeleivable! Right? I was just writing to let u know that if u ever try to make it back DOWN HERE, that i wish u would let us know so we can get the HOOKUP for u guys with the tailgatn parties!! The way you are supposed to TAILGATE!!!! Like i said, we would love to show you all the hot spots with all the good food and traditions!! Hope to hear from u!!
Tommy (WHO DAT) Savoie
p.s. I will send the photo that we took when i finish downloading all of them!!!
From: Ron Zuke from Drumheller, Alberta, Canada   Hey Hans, you have done what I dream of doing!

We have only been to the the Metrodome, Soldier Field and Lambeau, so we have a ways to go.

I was thinking you could add Rogers Centre in Toronto to your list as they will be hosting your Bills for a game each year for the next few years. It's a quick drive for you also!

Great job of completing your Quest. We have moved to Alberta from Manitoba, so if I want to see my Vikings play, I have to start travelling to some of their visiting stadiums! Let the Qwest begin!

From: Jeff the Dallas Cowboys fan from Toronto   Have not been to all 31 stadiums yet,but have been to "probowl" twice (Aloha Stadium) hardest and most expensive destination. Serious tailgating, pefect temperature every year. Also returning to Hawaii in 2011 Icing on the cake great web site jeff
From: Ken Tillman from Suburban Det. area   Whats up hans, its been a while! Looks like ur Qwest is going well, actually u got 6 more to go if you count the new Cowboys stadium!  Thats a pretty impressive stadium and its freakin HUGE! I think its already rated the best stadium in the country. Congrats on your wedding, and look forward to havin a few beers again in the near future!  As always good luck on your Qwest..Later bro
From: Julia Colbert from
Norwood, NY
  Thanks Hans for posting our pipe and drum band pic! Your site was a great help planning our trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium. The next game we attend, we'll definitely consult your site.

Good luck in your Quest for 31!
Julia Colbert

From: Chris Harter the Buffalo Bills fan from Muskegon, MI
  This site is great man! Two-Thumbs up! Sorry I'll miss you when I travel back home at the end of August. GO BILLS!
From: Jay Johnson the Chicago Bears fan Culbertson, NE
Great meeting you Hans! This is an awesome website and good luck on finishing up the quest!
From: Michael Tibbs
the Buccaneers fan from Tampa
  You are awesome. I came upon this site on accident and have been here for almost an hour. I am a father that works 6 days a week trying to survive. I love football more than anything. I am so jealous of the Quest for 31. I have only had the blessing of attending 1 NFL game. Monday Night Bucs/Steelers. We lost. You have found your calling brother, keep it up and finish your quest for all of us out there living thru you. I am on a Quest for 2. Hell I just want to see another game. Take it easy.
From: Mary Komisar from Marion, IA Hey, Hans...I see that you will be at the Jets/Pats game at Giants am I! I am also on my own Quest for 31...this is my 8th stadium. I would love to meet up with you at this game. Please feel free to contact me via email or I am on FB under Mary Churchill Komisar. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!!
From: Michael the Detroit Lions fan from Ann Arbor, MI
  Hey.  It was an honor to finally meet you.  I have heard so much about you on the internet.  And what were the chances of me meeting you in the parking lot during the Final Four.  (Go Spartans)
From: Karen Roberts the Buffalo Bills fan from Sterling Heights, MI
Hans, Thank you for taking the time out of your lunch hour to meet and politely chat with another western NY native/ Bills fan after I spotted your Ford in the lot at Meijer's. Best wishes as you and your lovely lady plan your wedding!
From: Steve from Detroit, MI   Saw an ad for the site on a car at the Home Depot where I work, so I thought I'd check it out. Good luck in your quest!
From: Stadium Girl, the 49ers fan from Galesburg
Very impressive. Hope to see you at a stadium soon.
From: Timmy from Da Bus   Hey Hans it's Timmy from da Bus out of Chicago. I left you an e-mail with some info re your trip to Chicago. contact me via e-mail if you did not recieve my message that contains my phone number
From: Lady Titan, the Titans fan from Tennessee
thanks for joining us in tennessee please come again anytime
From: Kerry, the Bears fan from Chicago   Why isn't Soldier Field on your list?

I haven't made it to Soldier Field yet, but my first visit to Soldier Field is planned for December 7, 2008.
From: Reg Spencer, the Buffalo Bills fan from Keswick Ont. Canada
Your doing a great job Hans, keep it up
From: colin mansell, the Miami Dolphins fan from Melbourne (Australia)   Great web site, enjoy the rest of the season. Look out for my web site soon, 33nflstadiums . I have done 23 stadiums since 1996. My quest is to brake Peter Baroody record of 31 stadiums in 107 days, im looking at 33 stadiums in 106 days. Looking at next season to break the record. Cheers Colin
From: Dave, the Green Bay Packers fan
Very cool website!. Keep up the good work!
From: Corey & Brandy   What up? After all these years I finally am dropping by the guest book. HAHAHAHA See ya later. Good Luck with everything.
From: holly cow and gang, the Vikings fan from MLPS
Send pics
From: Latin Viking, the Minnesota Vikings fan from Minnesota
  Hans this is LatinViking it was a pleasure hanging out with you in front of the Battle Wagon in the tailgate lot. You have an awesome site and looking forward to catching up with you.
From: Rose, the Green Bay Packers fan Hey,
My husband and I saw your Green Ford Explorer on I-94 on our way to Chicago Saturday, Oct. 11th. (We were in the Denning Glass Van, we passed each other quite a few times) At first we thought you were a state trooper from farther away because of the thing on the top of your truck until we got closer. I kept thinking what is "Questfor31"? So today I found out. Good luck to you. Sounds like fun!
From: Dewayne Sabourin, the Miami Dolphins fan from Pontiac, MI   Thats just sweet. I've always wanted to do the same. I have been to a few like Buffalo,Detroit,Miami,Cleveland,Canton Hall of fame and st.Louis this year. Good luck with the journey
From: Allyson Amon, the Jacksonville Jaguars fan from Jacksonville Dear Jacksonville Jaguars, Hey my name is Allyson and im one of ur biggest fans.I'm very greatful that you and Winn Dixie gave C.H Price Middle the opportunity for 8 students to see yall play the texans. It was my first game and i'll never forget it. It was an awsome game and my family and I, and all the other families that had the chance to see yall play are thankfull. Yall did awsome and i cant wait to see yalls next game. Sencerly, Allyson Amon p.s. tell Jacksondeville i said hi.
From: Rob Frank from Smiths Creek, MI
  Very impressive Hans! Great site and a noble quest too! Keep up the good work and have fun this weekend. Letterman is just around the corner...
From: Drey Boyd, the Colts fan from Indy
we share the same dream.!
From: Jaime T, the 49ers fan from Monterrey - Mexico   Hi,
I think is a very good initiative you have about the 31 fact I'm also collecting pictures from all places, with a "special" Wrestler mask...
Nice pics man!
see ya!
From: olehippy13, the Atlanta Falcons fan from Atlanta I was wondering how do they clean the astro turf in the NFL stadiums? I mean, with all the spitting and barfing, and sweat...they have to be be pretty dirty and nasty after each game , yes?
Just wondered if you have the answer?  How was the Georgia Dome? oh and ah..
keep smilin,
olehippy13  lifelong falcon fan
From: Michael Green from Santa Clara
  Nice web page! Good to be able to catch up in SF, hope you enjoyed the games.
From: Preston, the Lions fan from Detroit Man I love the web site I really enjoyed it. I love football this is my favorite time of the year. I am a stage manager for Fox sports and only work for them during football season email me and maybe we can meet up in one of the cities and you can check out the game from the other side of the screen. Good luck on your quest.
From: Gil, the Niners fan from SF
  Have a safe trip. Hope ya liked the baconshrimp.
From: Sameer, the Detroit Lions fan from Detroit
Go Lions... shooting for .500 this year!
From: phil blanks, the KC chiefs and Patriots fan from Flint, MI
  good luck pers, soon as i get a break from work id like to hit one of those games with you. ill have to let u know though.
From: Keith Chaney, the Cowboys fan from Flint, MI
WHATS UP FRAT! I had to see what the hype was about, you got a great thing going here, good luck with everything
From: Earleen, the Lions fan from Detroit   Hi Hans, Your web page loooks great!!!!

~Congratulations on your publications~
From: Graham Smith, the San Diego fan from the United Kingdom Hans, Although I dont have all the pictures, me and my girlfriend travel to the US every year to watch a game, I have now been to 14. Love your web site and look forward to visiting again this year hopefully going to Chicago.
From: Stephen, the San Francisco 49ers fan from Sacramento, CA   I am not totally sure how I stumbled upon your website but, either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am truly amazed and inspired by your "quest for 31." It is fans of the sport such as your self that really make this sport one of a kind. I want to thank you for your inspiration as I begin my QUEST!


From: Ken T., the Detroit Lions fan from Detroit Whats up Hans? Are u ready for the upcoming NFL season? I cant wait! I havent watched Espn since the Celtics won. This time of the year is pretty boring as far as sports is concerned, unless ur a big baseball fan, and im not! Hope to see some more pics this yr. I think that Lucas Oil Stadium opens this season for the Colts. That should be pretty cool! Hope ur Qwest is a blast this season...check ya out later!
From: Aaron Baker, the Dallas Cowboys fan from Buffalo, NY   Whats good Hans,

This is a great site, make sure you send me the link to that other site you put up. Talk to ya soon.

From: Tim, the Miami Dolphins fan from Detroit   Hans, It was GREAT to meet you at that Speedway in Ohio, off I-90. Travelled with you for a bit along the Ohio Turnpike as well.

Thanx for the Business Card - I must say, I didn't recognize you without a Football Jersey (LOL)!

I hope you and your family had/have a safe trip during the 4th of July Holiday's!
From: Matt, the Patriots fan from Leicester, UK
  thank you this website has kept me occupied whilst board at work.
From: Della Schall Young, the Vikings fan from Minnesota
  Mr. Steiniger, When you hit Minnesota be sure to look me up, it would be great to catch up and hear about your quest for 31. Take care, Della Cool Breeze (Spr 94' - ZPB)
From: Marylisa, the Bills fan from Buffalo
  Nice cheese hat! Gotta bust your chops!
From: Robert K, the Dallas Cowboys fan from Dallas   Hey football fans, I'm born and raised Big D. We're coming at you NY. That sucked losing to you but one helluva game in the Super Bowl! Also to Buffalo guy: sorry bout the downslide after XXVII & XXVIII). speaking on behalf of most all fans in Dallas, we got tons of respect for your team, coaches, FANS and the way ya'll handled it all. CLASSY, and THAT will always command respect. I can totally appreciate fans doing their thing on sites like this cause the repeated yammering of the pre-draft experts everywhere else is killing me slowly! I'm ready for some freakin football!! I respect every team and fan out there except for Philly on certain days and wish you all the best. Robert
From: John, the San Francisco 49ers fan from Berlin, Connecticut   Hey Man, Great Site...I would love to join your race for 31 but I am disqualified as I work for ESPN and had the luxury of working on Monday Night Countdown on the road this past I logged 8 nes stadiums to my list...I am up to 13 or 14, but 8 are courtesy of working the games there.....but I wanted to let youknow about them. 1. Georgia Dome Atlanta went to first NFL game back in 1996 Thanksgiving weekend MNF SF vs ATL...niners win...then I was there for work Week 6 this past season for NYG vs ATL MNF on the field. 2. Giants Stadium (3 times) NYG vs ARZ in 1997, SF vs NYJ first home game after 9/11...MNF as a fan.....SF vs NYG 2004 2nd level 50 yard line as a fan. 3. Foxboro Stadium (3 times) NE vs MIA MNF in 1998 as a fan.... NE vs SF 1998 last game of season saw NE clinch playoff spot to my chagrin....NE vs KC 2000 MNF as a fan. 4. Gillette Stadium NE vs SF 2004 I think, it was the last game of the season the Niners were in the midst of clinching the #1 pick in the draft....surprisingly warm for Jan 2nd in NE...beautiful stadium. 5. Dolphin Stadium (Miami)....pre-season game 1999 vs NO, the first game for Dreadlocked Ricky Williams as a he got hurt. Do you count Pre-season games
From: Ken Tillman, the Lions fan from Detroit   Yo, thx for adding me to your Guestbook! Im going to keep hittin this site up until its No.1 on Google's hit list, and then im im going to hit it up some!! Im lookin forward to your Quest being completed so I can check out all of the NFL stadiums and see what NFL teams stadiums are the the best and the worst place to go to a NFL game! You got me sold on Qwest Field tho, how Had a good time at Benihana's and Total Sports!!! Keep representin the"D"!! Peace!
From: ken t. Bill's friend, the Lions fan from Detroit   Hey whats up Hans. Im diggin the web site. I dont if u know or not but their are 3 new NFL stadiums under constuction..(Dallas, NY,Indy), so those definitly should be on your hit list when they open! Also the Dallas and NY stadiums are $1billion projects respectively! So they are going to be some pretty impressive sites when they are completed. The Dallas stadium is reportedly going to be able to seat close to a 100,000 people!! Thats going to be a really big stadium!! Well I wish you good luck and good times on your Quest. Stay in touch. Peace bro!!
From: Larry Smith, the Lions fan from Detroit
  Where is your 2008 schedule?
From: Karen DiEugenio, the Saints fan from The OC   Hans -- you GO! Anything you need, whatever we can do to help... Keep us posted on your Quest! Hope to see you out there!

Karen & Jay
From: Jamin, the GB Packers fan from Milwaukee
  Whats Up Hot Booty? When's the next road trip? i wanna be down and roll to a game in a different city... what about traing camp visits? TTYL Sentwali
From: Paul, the Redskins fan from London, UK   thankyou, i love your site well done thanks. NFL stadiums i not been to one as yet ,but it is never too ate to start!!
From: a. dover, the Saints fan from New Orleans
  What about the Superdome? You have to see New Orleans...

The Louisiana Superdome is one of the stadiums on my list of  "The Final Five".  After the 2008 NFL season, I will have five stadiums remaining on the Quest for 31, so I'll be completing the Quest during the 2009 NFL season.  The Quest for 31 will come to New Orleans in 2009.
From: Kevin C.Lawson, the Detroit Lions fan from Detroit
  26 NFL Stadiums visited baby!!  I have pics from every one but i've never taken pics of myself! Sent you an email with my story! Great site
From: Cadillac the Colts fan from Detroit
  I'm that guy that was driving when you stopped at the Gas America. Don't burn the dogs on your quest bro.
From: Jonas, the Lions fan from Detroit Rock City
  hey there guy, I seen the green explo up in Rochester no, at the good ole Rochester mills brewery. Thought I'd stop in and wish you luck on your crusade! Take it to em!
From: Amber, the Indianapolis Colts fan from Cambridge City, IN   My husband and I saw you today stopping at a Gas America near our home. You had your Edgerrin jersey on, and we saw the website on your car and decided to look it up. What a cool quest! Have fun at the Colts game today! You'll have to come back and visit us next year at Lucas Oil. Go COLTS!!!
From: Andrew, the Lions fan from Detroit Although I am from Michigan, we passed your truck on I-90 coming back from Gillete Stadium for the Sunday night Eagles - Patriots game. Beautiful stadium, you will enjoy that one when you get there. Good Luck!!
From: Matt from Carolina It's the guy from the gas station. It was nice talking to you. Maybe I'll go on my own quest for 31 one day. Good Luck!
From: Paul, the Seahawks fan from Seattle Hey man-
This is the guy you sat next to at the Seahawks game against the Rams. I loved your review...and the fact that you threw in the part about the wave haha. Good luck with your travels man!

Paul Snyder
From: Tonish Jones, the Oakland Raiders fan from Oakland, CA
Hey -- what Frat are you in? GOMAB! Great website... if you're frat, holla at ya' boy!
From: Andre, the Seattle Seahawks fan from Rotterdam (Netherlands) Hi Hans,
I think it's great what you are doing; I wish I could do it, but it's a bit of a problem, living in Europe !
I visited just a couple of NFL stadiums and saw some spectacular games in Seattle (Qwest Field) and San Diego (Qualcomm Stadium).  I hope to visit a lot more in the future ! I will check your site then to
select the best stadium.

Keep up the good work !
From: David, the Baltimore Ravens fan from Gaithersburg, Maryland
I live sandwiched between DC and Baltimore. Go Ravens and I guess go Redskins too! Sweet site man. Good luck on your quest. Hopefully L.A. will get a team again and it  will change to the Quest for 32.
From: Mary Komisar from Marion, IA I am also on the same quest...I do not have digital pictures of the first 4 stadiums so did not submitt to the score board. Would love to go to more than 1 stadium a year...but as you know this is an expensive quest, but I have a 13 year plan...saving every penny I can as I go along. Love your blog, sounds like we have the same feeling about this. My husband does not like football at all, he went to the first 2 stadiums with me but have taken different fans/family members to the other games. Mary
From: mike slagle, the Seattle Seahawks fan from Salem, OR We are the guys you parked beside at Qwest Field in  Seattle, Mike, Josh, and Ronnie. The game was great and the  beer was great had a very good time with my son Josh who is  on leave from England (different football over there aye). I  think your web site is awesome, Ill visit it often to see
more blogs. Keep on truckin'. We are from Salem, Oregon.
From: Ricky Phoenix, the Raiders fan from Los Angeles Hans,
I sat next to you at the recent Charger vs Raider game at Qualcomm. Raider fan on the right. Wanted to see your site, good stuff! I feel the urge to join this quest and will be sending you photos of my accomplishments.

From: Fernando Ramirez, the Rams fan from San Diego Hey I saw you at the Charger Raider game on 10-14-07 you stopped us and asked to take a photo with us. I was with my in-law and friend, I was only wearing a Raider cap and they had jerseys also, Im a die hard Ram fan but got my cousns season tickets for the Raider game since my family is Raider fans. My first time there and a tail gate party it was pretty wild lots of fun.
From: dan Wrabel, the Raiders fan from Canada my buddies and i are trying to hit all of the nfl stadiums. 9 down lots 2 go. good times. nashville most fun so far.
From: Bernie Gilbert, the NE Patriots fan from Putnam, CT Hans
Thanks for including the photo of my son Matt and me in your photos of Foxboro as tailgaters. I have been going to Foxboro since late 70's and got season tickets in 1986. I have been to your favorite stadium (Buffalo) the last 5 out of 6 years and enjoy the trip. Buffalo fans are great and the stadium reminds me of the old Foxboro stadium.  Good Luck in seeing all 31 stadiums.

From: lcd, the Dallas Cowboys fan from El Paso, Texas
Texas Stadium, the best it will be a shame to see it go
From: Jeff Martin, the San Diego Chargers fan from New Jersey area Hey whats going on man, me and my brother saw you at the patriots game. We were like the only ones with chargers gear on. you gave us your card so we decided to come check your site out. The game sucked because we looked terrible, but its pretty cool what your doing so good luck on your quest for 31.

p.s Qualcomm is the best.
From: Clint, the Pats fan Hey Hans hope you enjoyed the Pats Chargers game as much as Carmine and Todd and I did. What a win for the good guys.  Too bad about those nosebleed seats. I have a great pic of you with Pat the patriot. Once I figure out how to get it off my phone and onto the computer will send u a copy. when
u get a chance send me a copy of the pic of all of us together. Good luck with quest and don't forget to mention us when u get on the Today show.
From: Tony Besche, the Dolphins fan from Baltimore hans,
Im doing the same thing you are....I started late last year and got wash, phili, Balti, Cinci, and Seattle off the list....I should finish by the end of next year....its hard with a full time job let me tell ya.....I have an Idea you  may like for the can write back if you like.....good luck.....
From: Yvette, the Green Bay fan from Roswell, NM
Hey HAns this yvette the shop girl from Roswell please contact me soon thinking of opening my own store would like to know if I could sell your stuff call me and tell your pretty girl hey for me
From: Gezim(Jim)Letaj, the Detroit Lions fan from Detroit
Great Job Hans with the website WTG thumbs up.....
From: Kim Maze, the Detroit Lions fan from Detroit
You've got a place to stay at our house. That would cover a couple of your CA stadiums!
From: DUDE, the Browns fan from LA DUDE!!!!! I'm disappointed. You went to the Browns stadium without me. I'll meet you there! I hate to see you in these pictures by yourself man.
From: Shoumitro Goswami Hans,
Enjoying the updates. Good luck man and hope to meet up on my next trip to the US.

From: K. McNeil, the Carolina Panthers fan from Statesville, NC Great site bro. Hope everything is going well. Happy birthday. I guess I e-mailed on the right day. We got to get together again sometime. Let me know when you are coming back the Charlotte so we can hook up. Take care my  brother.

From: John S., the Atlanta Falcons fan from The ATL Hi fellow NFL fans!
I've been to SEVEN NFL stadiums, but sadly, do not have pictorial documentation on all but four.
I've been to the following locations:
1. Ga. Dome for the Atlanta Falcons (pic)
2. Raymond James Stadium for Tampa Bay Bucs (pic)
3. Ericcson Stadium for Carolina Panthers
4. Soldier Field for Chicago Bears (pic)
5. Alltel Stadium for Jacksonville Jaguars
6. LA Colliseum for LA Rams/Raiders
7. Memphis Liberty Bowl for Tennessee Titans/CFL Memphis
Maddogs (pic)

I've certainly got my own Quest for 31, and will continue working on visiting them all one day!
From: Lana from Detroit !!!
Hey Hans! Just checkin' in...lookin' good!!!!
From: Gene Popadowski, the Indy fan (I've had Harrison on my FFL team for 4 straight years) from Buffalo Hans,
I finally got a chance to visit your site for the first time since you sent the e-mail a few weeks ago. It's
terrific, and I'm still envious of your crusade. I looked at the pictures from Buffalo, and I can't believe how your sister has grown. I still remember seeing you guys outside Dick's Sporting Goods when my daughter's former softball team was doing a fundraiser. Your sister is a very pretty young lady (thank God she wasn't afflicted with whatever makes you look like you do HA HA). FYI, the Bills raised
their price for parking to $25. Life at GM still sucks, but the family is fine, so that's all that matters. Take care,
good luck, and stay in touch. Gene
From: Noel de Mesa from Manila, Philippines Nice work Hans. I'm not really an avid football fan but I think your website is professionally done. Been busy lately. We'll brouse the rest of the website during my free time. Keep it up.
From: jay mohler, the steelers fan from the burgh whats up man , site looks good. Good luck this year, let me know if your back in the Burgh. After all i think its gonna be our year.
From: T, the Bills fan from TO Big Daddy ...
Am in agreement with an earlier post-er, who commented on a missing segment of your site: Beer ratings. Although, kudooos must be extended for where you are at presently with "TQF31" , I do believe incorporating a rating system of key elements/features of a stadium can be even more
appealing to the casual NFL surfer (most of us are suckers for lists/rankings/stats)

PS avoid comments of pseudo fans with initials EY hailing from LA ... such individuals will always be posers ...
From: steve and june hoover, the Cowboys fans from beaumont, california My Cousin is a truck driver, goes back and forth from phoenix arizona and all over the states, he wanted told me he was cruisin back east the other day and saw some kind of "alien" sign about, so i checked it out for him, and i liked your website. good luck on your venture.
From: Palmir, the Ottawa Sentors fan from Ottawa woohoo. We did it. Sorry to say that your Sabres got spanked by the future Stanley Cup winner. Go sens...
From: eric y, the indy colts / brees saints fan from los angeles i easily killed an hr on this site, so props. when the rams relocate back to LA youll have to make another run out here to cover the stadium, and we gotta make sure you leave cali w/ a big-ass rabid foaming beer moustache at the end of it. keep it going hanser, site looks tight and you know... the proverbial quest never truly ends.
From: Dennis, the Colts fan from Burbank, CA
Great work Hans! Where's the beer review per stadium???!!!
From: Palmir, the Miami Dolphins fan from San Diego Nice meeting you dude. It was fun watching the Senators vs the Sabres. Get in touch when you are back in SD...

Go Sens Go...
From: TJ, the Lions fan from Detroit
Keep up the good work Hans. Where is the Stanley cup though?
From: Patrick Pellow, the Bills fan from Buffalo
Hans, You are the King! Long live "Trollin' For Love!" Remember me when you are famous!
From: paul mclenigan, the Buffalo Bills fan from Buffalo
Still rotting away at GM Tonawanda!!!
From: Lana, basketball fan from The D (Detroit)
Hey Hon, Just checking you out! The site is looking good...keep it going.
From: Rawlan Lillard II, the Pittsburgh Steelers fan from Flint, Michigan Oh My God, Hans, this is great! I'm always impressed with everything you do, but this take the cake. I would never have guessed that you would be wearing a Steeler Jersey and holding an Official Terrible Towel! Okay, I'll lay off... This is great and I pray that you complete your quest for 31! We'll talk soon, Your Boy, Ra (the true steeler fan)
From: Cadillac from Detroit
Steiny, maybe we can go take the pictures at Ford Field before summertime.
From: Jamin, the GB Packers fan from The Milky It was great having TJ, Dayday and you up to check out the game. Only wish it were a full weekend of true Thunder chapter Debauchery.

Good luck on the Questfor 31.
From: Chuck, Redskins fan Surely you know that lone photographers are suspected terrorists these days? I know someone who was nearly arrested for taking pictures of the wrong building. It's stupid but that's how it is in some places.
Other than that, very nice site. I enjoyed looking around the NFL. Our club level is indeed pretty cool, if only there were more real fans up there. Maybe if we win some games, ey?
From: N-Hat from Taylortucy Wassup Hans!! Ether told me you had a website and I couldn't wait to take a look. Impressive! Looking forward to seeing the pics from your next adventure. Oh, and thanks for the movie reviews too! I wondered about a few of those...
From: Noel de Mesa from Manila, Philippines Hi there cousin. This is your Kuya Noel from Manila.  Brilliant idea and great pictures. I'm sure you're having a good time. Good job on your Quest for 31. See you soon.
From: linda cavanagh Hi Hans, am one of yr mom's school mate and i live in australia.yr pics of family,food,stadiums etc are all great and seems like yr having fun doing what yr doing. hello to yr mom.
From: Harriet, Broncos fan from Denver GREAT JOB!  Hi Hans, I am your Mom's friend from grade school in the Philippines.
Keep up the good work!
From: Tina Brewer from Germany Hello hans,
Boy you are a great person now. I am a friend from your mom from Germany and she told me about you . Keep it and power to win the game.
tina brewer

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